Vote – Jami Ramberan – Suzen Baraka – USA

Set in our nation’s capital, VOTE is a visual call to arms, highlighting the devastating contradictions that so many in America are experiencing right now, and paying homage to the countless individuals that have sacrificed and are sacrificing so that we may have the right to vote, and have our vote count.

Director Biography – Jami Ramberan

Washington native Jami Ramberan is an award-winning filmmaker and educator. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media, Journalism at Howard University. Jami has worked as a video and film director for over ten years and has written, directed and produced music videos, commercials and short films that have been screened on television, the web and at film festivals and other venues across the nation. She is very active in the D.C. media and film community and as a result volunteers as the Program Director for Parallel Film Collective, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting global images that transcend limiting racial, cultural and gender identities found in mainstream media. Jami seeks to work on projects that inject a message of social change into the center of popular consciousness.

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