10th International Video Poetry Festival Athens


28- 29- 30 September & 1 October 2022

Theatre Empros R.Pallamidi 2 Psiri Athens

170 art projects | 200 artists | 64 countries

Free Self Organized Theatre Empros
Riga Palamidi 2- Psiri- Athens Greece

International Video Poetry Festival celebrates ten years of creative collaboration with more than 2000 artists from 85 countries in general, a world of poetic visions for the benefit of humanity. Poetry, cinema and music come together to communicate the inspiration, dreams, ideas and hopes of all of us.
We welcome you to this magical world.

The 10th International Video Poetry Festival is a great manifestation of international support for the Occupied Self Organized Theater EMBROS that after 10 years of open, free for all, public production of art and social aware culture is in danger of destruction by the Greek government.

Organized by:
+The Institute [for Experimental Arts]

Supported by:
Void Network
Moving Poems


starts at 18.00

Imbas Forosnai Director: Shane Serrano

A Year in Exile Director: Malaz Usta TURKEY 19 min
The film as a whole reflects the effort to capture the ephemeral experience of an uprooted, forcibly displaced person in their new environment.

The Circle Director: Marlene D McCurtis, Alexa Kershner USA 11 min
This poetic lyric collage was written by men on A Yard at California State Prison, Los Angeles County, and performed by formerly incarcerated.

Memento Director: Kornej Rokotyan -Sokol’skij RUSSIA 12 min
The film is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca and is solved in the key of elegiac dramatic fantasy.

Murmur of Icebergs Director: Sio San Un MACAO 17 min
A poetic murmur shortens the distance between 80º and 22º latitude north, as well as the gap between the Arctic Ocean and the Pearl River Delta.

Unsaid Director: Ayodeji Otuyelu USA 17 min
A visual adaptation of poems from the book Words In My Head, which explore emotions surrounding gender, sexual orientation, blackness and feminism.

CHOO’S GUEST HOUSE Monday Night Poetry Director: Andrew Meserth
A film based on the experience of multi- national writers in a commune in Thailand, like a family having a poetry party during covid-19 quarantine. Poets working together, open to whatever happens at any moment, aware of life as it rolls.

tHE aGe oF aNXieTy: Director: Stephen Donovan, Mark Dendy USA 40 min
A cast of 16 dancers following the character Monsieur le Clown as he dreams of post-pandemic and post-Trump freedom in New York City. The film vividly depicts personal and collective despair but finds pockets of optimism as it celebrates the spirit and tenacity of the city.

Imbas Forosnai Director: Shane Serrano IRELAND 15 min
Following the clairvoyant practices of poets of ancient Ireland, a young man in present day Limerick seeks answers from the Otherworld.

The Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery Guided Video Tour
Director: ReVerse Butcher AUSTRALIA 30 min- animation
The film was built by artist/poet ReVerse Butcher in VRChat to celebrate the book launch of her newest VISPO (which stands for Visual Poetry) collection “Kaleidoscopic Erasures”.

The Song of the Flies Director: Ana María Vallejo
Germany, Colombia, Czech Republic 45 min- animation
The experimental animated film, translates the desolation caused by the violence of the Colombian armed civil war through the political, poetic voice of Maria Mercedes Carranza (1945-2003) and the audiovisual dialogue between 9 Colombian women.

More Details(Key Cast, Links & Overview) CLICK HERE


VIDEO POETRY ZONE starts 18.00


Rivolta e malinconia Director: Mattia Biondi ITALY 5:10

Baby – A Poem Director: Eleanna Santorinaiou GREECE 2:53

Every Word I Say to You Director: Paloma Sierra USA 1:20

Pandemia Director: Sigrun Hollrigl AUSTRIA 4:08

Spatiohumanism Director: Moses Parlindungan Ompusunggu INDONESIA 4:42

How to Film a Sigh Director: Claire Kinnen UNITED STATES 1:00

What Craving Is…Director: Vladimir Mihaylov BULGARIA 2:16

Return Director: Marcos Sanchez HOLLAND 1:57

Closet Director: Diana Chemeris GREECE 6:24

The Facts Director: Chris Bernstorf UNITED STATES 1:05

Misplaced Director: Maede Jenab IRAN 11:06

Loneliness Director: Vladimira Hradecka SLOVAKIA 4:39

For a loved one Director: Sami Ala FINLAND 2:19

Claustrophobic Love Director: Jonathan Beckett UK 2:07

I want to love you in analogue Director: April Lampre NEW ZEALAND 3:21

Due to legal reasons this Film is called Breaking Bert Director: Anne Isensee GERMANY 4:38

Days Like These Director: Ilze Millere UNITED KINGDOM 1:56

Literature Director: Samer NOUH FRANCE 3:40

Homeland I Director: Eugenia Grammenou GREECE 5:47

Guidance on Laughing at a Distance Director: Sascha Conrad GERMANY 4:53

I lost the way Director: Panagiotis Rappas NGREECE 8:00

Matin Ecchymose Director: Emilie Peltier CANADA 7:19

I see Director: Arman Partovi IRAN 12:15

Statue Director: Luk Ho Hai My VIET NAM 1:37

The Lamb Director: Helene Matte, Marco Dube FRANCE 4:00

Family Recipe Director: Kamari Bright UNITED STATES 4:52

Dynamite Director: Jim Vieille FRANCE 4:37


Was She Director: DC Brandon CANADA 1:00

Holy Ambition Director: Senecca Baker USA 3:50

Trust Fall Director: Assaf Ben Shetrit USA 2:53

Caged Bird Director: Dana Dajani, Rami Kans JORDAN 5:20

The Fine Line Director: Yuval levy, Maya Roni Ella ISRAEL 5:13

Latrinavox Director: Lauren O’Donovan IRELAND 2:54

Im(moral) Code: An ethics to lose one’s way Director: Andrea Grain Hayton MEXICO 12:47

Reminiscence Director: Jo An Li UK 3:57

Because Goddess is Never Enough Director: Jane Glennie UK 10:00

Mirage Director: Justine Patterson SOUTH AFRICA 2:30

Anathema Director: Jana Radicevic MONTENEGRO 2:18

My body – Hanna Komar  Director: Yuliya Hutsuliuk, Artsiom Hutsuliuk BELARUS 3:16

Amira Director: Alina Sciacova BELARUS 1:52

P.H.A.T. Girl Director: Rosemarie Wilson, Quincy Bell USA 8:12

Bindi Director: Mayuri Bhandari INDIA 4:52

We keep stones here too Director: Eugenio Lima BRAZIL 10:41

Black. British. Muslim. Other. Director: Enas Saeed UK 3.36

Pathless Director: Charlotte Verminck BELGIUM 4:31


Astronaut / 2x2m Director: Milica Denkovic SERBIA 1:47

The Parking Lot of Dreams Director: Alexis Krasilovsky USA 7:30

Singularity Director: Elizabeth Myer, Matthew Boulton USA 4:28

Ants walking over an armpit  Director: Juan Zadala – Yahaira Salazar VENEZUELA 8:12

Invisible Manners Director: John Lee Taggart UK 5:32

The Poetry of Non-Self Director: Dor Bar Shlomo ISRAEL 4:50

Red Fire Director: Mona A.Shahi IRAN 11:00

A Body Director: Milena Tipaldo ITALY 2:10

Sinking About You Director: Laura Iancu USA 1:30

Returning Director: Konstantinos Tsiodoulos GREECE 3:50

Leaving the track of the throw Director: Abhishek Singh HUNGARY 5:00

Huge choice Director: Oleksandra Krasavtseva GERMANY 3:00

Glass that will bend Director: Xiao Yue Shan JAPAN 5:00

More Details (Key Cast, Links & Overview) CLICK HERE


starts 18.00


A Daffodil Under Close Inspection Director: Kathryn L. Darnell USA 1 min

Passages Director: Marilyn Zornado USA 4 min

Hop Along Hang On Director: Cobra Collins CANADA 4 min

Under the Harvest Moon Director: Jordan Wright USA 1 min

Awakening Director: Enrique Alexander Gracia Herrera FRANCE 3 min

To make things known Director: Jordan Wright BELGIUM 7 min

Awake Director: Adam E. Stone USA 00:15 sec

The Dolphin of Delphi Director: Giorgis  Fotopoulos GREECE 4 min

Dolphins In The Shower Director: Chandel White USA 5 min

I can’t smell the soil in my head Directors: Aristoteles Chaitidis. Alkistis Kafetzi GR 6 min

Video for a poem without a name Director: Laura Kuncite LATVIA 2 min

Happiness Director: Jordan Wright USA 1 min

Same Different Director: Maria Cecilia Reyes NAMIBIA 5 min

Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire Director: Jerry van de Beek, Betsy De Fries USA 5 min

at 19.00

Lem and Mrożek – reactivation  Director: Marek Wojtasik  POLAND 30 min- animation

A psychedelic animation film based on the correspondence of two great writers Stanislav Lem and Sławomira Mrożek, a valuable document of the epoch in its entirety, protesting against the intervention of the Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia.

Thrilling Love  Director – Mark Wasserman USA 35 min

A unique noir narrative that blends spoken-word, music, and animatics. The film tells the fractured tale of a doomed romance between a down-and-out screenwriter and an aspiring actress/pole-dancer who meet in a San Francisco strip club.

at 20.00

Salt In The Wounds Director: Tom Stockley UK 3:00

Once I passed Director: Martin Gerigk GERMANY 10:00

Houbout / Landing Director: Chantal Partamian LEBANON 2:08

A portrait of Joelle Taylor Director: Clae Eastgate UK 1:54

Shudder to Think Director: Pete BlasdaleIRELAND 3:24

20 20: Lockdown Erotica Director: Ernesto Sarezale UK 2:33

at 20.30

RoadKill for Beginners  Stephanie Chan SINGAPORE

Thrills of Power Meri Dishnica ALBANIA

Poppy Delta & Tripmaker Young  GREECE

at 21.30

Greek Vase Director: Pat Boran IRELAND 2 min

Jabberwocky Director: Sjaak Rood NETHERLANDS 2 min

Price Director: Jim Hall USA 3  min

Rebirth of Venus Director: Robin Noorda NETHERLANDS 9 min

The Combine Director: Micah Chambers-Goldberg USA 5 min

On a Stormy Day Director: Gil Zablodovsky, Lali Tsipi Michaeli ISRAEL 2 min

Ships a comin  Director: Ebony Gilbert USA 3  min

Good Machines Director: Ana Pantic SERBIA 3 min

30 Second Thoughts: Volume One Director: David Baeumler USA 3 min

Flint, michigan ‘skinny’ Director: Jim Hall USA 2 min

Utopia – Entelechy Director: Carlo Alleva, Anna Utopia Giordano ITALY 5 min

They promised us a future Director: Laura R. Tolentino MEXICO 9 min

Moving Barcelona Director: Jevan Chowdhury UK 6 min

InVerse: Long Wall Director: Jack Jewers USA 2 min

Kutral Director: Constanza Carlesi CHILE 2 min

From Father to Daughter: The Cuba Film Director: Margo Stutts Toombs CUBA 4 min

You Heard Me Director: Edith Morris NETHERLANDS 2 min

Stitch Director: Caroline Rumley USA 2 min

The Right Side Director: Avigail Graetz, Eitan Herman ISRAEL 3 min

Roadkill For Begginers Stephanie Chan SINGAPORE 13 min

Our Obsession Director: Jesse Roth UK 2 min

Sleeping in another galaxy Director:Abhishek Singh IRAQ 5 min

I am already free Director: Chandel White USA 3 min

Royaltee Director: Kamari Bright USA 1 min

Shea, by Nasra Director: Effy Adar CANADA 2  min

Exodus Director: Guido F.G. Jeurissen NETHERLANDS 6 min

America (i wanted to…) Director: Matt Mullins USA 5 min

An Evening in Golconda  Director: Teena Amrit Gill INDIA 11 min

Banaras the Poem Director: Anjan Mitra, Aavirash Mitra INDIA 9 min

Odyssee, Ode to the city Director: Jihad Saade LEBANON 7:07

Penn-ar-Bed Director: Emma Ramsay-Tanniou FRANCE 1 min

Prapastie Director: Marianella Lopez, Marianella Lopez Marreo USA 5 min

Pinhole Project ii – Athens  Director: Vaso Michalopoulou GREECE 7 min

The other side Director: Tina Mamali GREECE 4 min

Secret Archives: White Art Museum  Director: Bei Yu CHINA 4 min

More Details(Key Cast, Links & Overview) CLICK HERE



Misplaced by Maede Jenab

How to picture our emotions- Animation Creation
Maede Jenab – Animation Director – IRAN
from 14.00 to 18.30 workshop (second floor):

What is poetry? Is it rhymes? Beautiful words? Emotional expressions? We try to define it by our own words and conceptions. What do we associate with it and what image it evokes in our mind. This workshop has two objectives. First we want to interrogate this personal understanding. We try not to be academic but personal. We try to dig into our individual experiences and crystalize an emotional meaning, an image. Second with these images as a starting point we want to make a collective video. We try to picture our emotions and make them visible for others.
The result will be a short video that accompanies our new found personal definition of poetry. For this feel free to bring your preferred media or support material (laptop, tablet, camera, painting or drawing materials, etc).

Maede Jenab is an Iranian visual artist born in Tehran, where she graduated in graphic design. As she was always interested in telling stories she decided to continue her education with a Master of Animation. She founded Maaed Studio in 2008 as an interdisciplinary platform to express her creative research.

How women are often made to feel guilty for their feelings and
how poetry can be an act of rebellion
Claire Kinnen USA
starts at 15.00 talk (main hall):

Claire Kinnen is a video artist, editor, and producer. She enjoys using different mediums in her creative work; layering different forms to create a sort of visual diary. She is from the North Country, New York State’s rural frontier along the Canadian border and lives in Queens, New York City.

Creative Cross-Pollinations: Teaching the Film Poem
Dr. Sophia Emmanouilidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of English, Department of American Literature and Culture) & Ms Antonia (Anta) Troullakis (Independent scholar, Voice Actress)
starts at 15.30 lecture (main hall)

The talk will briefly explore the synthesis of poetry and film but will
primarily provide practice examples as educational tools that can generate and further
promote the dialectical conversation between literature and the visual arts.

The influence of poetry on cinema
Mark Wasserman Academy of Art University USA – Los Angeles Hollywood
starts at 16.00 lecture (main hall)

The surprisingly powerful influence that poetry has always had, and continues to have, on cinema. A delving into some of the techniques that cinema borrows from poetry. These techniques include montage (as in Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin); symbolism (as in Sophia Coppolla’s Nowhere) and rhyme (as in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.)

Looking at films that utilize famous existing poems, such as Percy Shelley’s “Ozymandius” in The Coen Brothers’ The Ballad of Buster Scrugs, Emily Dickinson’s “Wild Nights” in Madeleine’s Olnek’s film of the same name; and T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” in David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows.

Studying the hybrid medium known as “poem-films” or “movie poems.” These include L’etoile de Mer by Man Ray, Wish You Never by Alexandra Naughton, and Dear Basketball, by Kobe Bryant.

Zen Poetry
Avigail Graetz ISRAEL
starts at 16.30 lecture / meditation (main hall)
Zen poetry combines the literary practice of poetry with the philosophical principles of Zen Buddhism. As such, a Zen poem makes a philosophical statement or observation through the use of descriptive words. This type of poetry does, however, have its own unique features.

Avigail has been practicing meditation and the Dharma path since 2004. Completed training as an MBSR (Mindfulness) teacher by Bangor University (UK) and “Muda Center” at IDC (Israel).
She is a playwriter, and teaches cinema, Jewish texts and meditation in various places. She writes a personal column on the NRG website, about Buddhist practice in daily life.Her first novel, A Rabbi’s Daughter, was published in 2012.


starts at 19.00

Mayuri Bhandari INDIA

Hanna Komar BELARUS

Nesindano NamisesNAMIMBIA

Poems about Homing Supermoon Blues(Drea Chuma) BOTSWANA/NETHERLANDS
In Poems About Homing, Supermoon Blues roots herself in the faces of people where she has always felt seen. Homing also speaks to the importance of returning to and homing in one’s body as opposed to geographical spaces where we tend to seek belonging.

P.H.A.T Girl One SingleRose – USA
A celebration of self appreciation and love for women of all body types.

Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single RoseTM is an award winning poet and playwright, spoken word artist, singer, actress, filmmaker, author of three self-published poetry collections, nice and naughty chapbooks.She is currently a featured artist and songwriter with Defected Records, the United Kingdom’s #1 house music record label.

Virtual Body Ernesto Sarezale UK
Ernesto Sarezale runs the literary salon Velvet Tongue, a quarterly literary soireé dedicated to erotic writing and performance.

Abierto al tiempo (Open to time)
Laura R. Tolentino MEXICO
Time is a healer even if you want to escape, it shows you to dance with your shadows at the rhythm of the change. This is a lesson I’ve learned and remembered once again, because time is the true wisdom that my soul can trust in the end.

Journey to the centre of the present
La Conirina Constanza Carlesi CHILE

This Journey to the centre of the present »is an experiment. A ritualperformance that seeks to come close or to bring us closer. To call forBreflection through action, through the active participation of those present around the circle. A poet, a character, one more human being serves as a guide on this journey that we will undertake together. The objective in this case is not to tell a story but to have an experience in the face of the ritual of the four elements.

Insult of Public Modesty Sissy Doutsiou
Ecstatic life, love and riots. Heroes in love, lonely people, suppressed instincts and spontaneous actions, social revolt against normalcy, breaking the vitrine of 21st century, devouring the boundaries of our cultures.

Tonia Tzirita Zacharatou. Makis Moulos. Konstantinos Loukopoulos. Elias Kourkoutas

Kostoula Maki. Tasos Sagris & WhoDoes. Tatiana Skanatovits. Angeliki Pechlivani

Marivi Gazeta. Yannis Raouzaios. Orestis Batakis. Brikena Gishto


More Details (Key Cast, Links & Overview) CLICK HERE

starts every day at 19.00:

Glass Tears Director: Pierre Ajavon FRANCE 3:14

With each bloom, the moon is reflected in its iris, and when its glass tears reach the ground, electronic sounds and dreamlike images spring up.

Touching Light by Science & Tears + Yaannus Atelier

Director: Ranadeep Bhattacharyya, Judhajit Bagchi INDIA 3:18 min

Science and Tears is a USA based new band and ‘Touching Light’ is the launch video of the Band.

The blind writer Director: Georges Sifianos GREECE 10:00 min

The drawings of this film were made blindfolded, that is, without looking at them while drawing but using only tactile cues

The gift Director: Michel Pavlou BELGIUM 2:38 min

By a process in the images, a scene of daily urban life turns into a timeless tableau.

Blue Curtain Director: Philipp Ramspeck SWITZERLAND 4:17 min

A brief nightmarish visit to an invisible factory of the inner mind.

Dissolve Director: Veronika Dräxler GERMANY 2:09

It´s about digital heart break and therefore about all the possibilites, that seem to be theoretical possible, but practical not in reach.

Dehumanized Director: Louis Brückner GERMANY 0:47 min

An experimental short film, in which the peace of the dead in a military cemetery is disturbed with loud war noises. The camera itself becomes a weapon.

Disappeared Person Director: Huang Weipeng Huang CHINA 5:50 min

A lonely ordinary person, hidden in the crowd, gradually disappeared, no one knows.

Incomplete Director: Dalena Tran USA  4:02 min

Has the future already happened?

Lightwaves Soundwaves Director: Dwayne Jahn GERMANY 3:00 min

The psychedelic future is in this film, pushing sensorial limits, a cinematic synesthesia with its purpose seemingly not to eliminate the sense of senses but combine them into a dreamlike harmony.

Rengajo Director:  Sina Mohammadi IRAN 4:08 min

Memory Place Director: Zeynep Abes TURKEY 6:32 min

The videos invite the viewer to ‘walk inside’ these moments, creating an immersive experience of a fading past.

Servomechanism  Director: David Villalvazo MEXICO 7:35 min

It’s Coming It’s Real Directors: Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray USA 7:50 min

In to my Garden Come Maria Salouvardou GERMANY 5:19

Water and more water  Director: Francesca Svampa SPAIN  6:12 min

A dreamlike portrait of Barcelona, shot in double exposure on reversible 8mm film, is interwoven with an intimate “I remember” voice, creating a collage of memories à la Brainard and Pérec.

Land Blooms Director: Ioanna Paraskevopoulou GREECE 3:17 min

The video deals with the boundaries of privacy and public, along with the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Incantation Director: Kalpana Subramanian USA  3:23 min

A serendipitous encounter on distant shores. Colliding archives of body and place

Path. 12, River Origin 浪淘沙 Director: Boedi Widjaja SINGAPORE 7:11

Made after the initial ravages of the pandemic and during restricted social movement in Singapore, the work sees the artist communing with stardust – cosmic ray particle muons.

Online Messages in Cardboard Boxes Director: Mathieu St-Pierre KOREA 52:50 min

A  voyage beyond the keyboard, the monitor, it takes us on a trip from the busy streets of a virtual metropolis to the melted ruins of a broken e-map.

Oceanic Theremin: A TriptychDirector: Steven Sych CANADA 4:36 min

A source of sublime, existential terror and the quotidian dumping ground of capitalist excretions, the ocean stands in a peculiar relation to us as human beings.

Feels Director: Stas Bashkatov LATVIA 3:50 min

A 7-year-old girl in a wheelchair feels very lonely sitting in her room. Her only friend is a little ant in a formicarium.

The Stone Age    Director: Alison Piper UK 8:00 min

The Stone Age responds to poet Jen Hadfield’s synthesis of human and non-human experience and explores who we are as individuals, and who we are in relationship to the places we call home.

Thrills Of Power Director: Meri Dishnica ALBANIA 5:01 min

This Cinematic Poem echoes the personality distortion one faces after he gets powerful

Temporal assemblages Director: Edie Steiner CANADA 14:01 min

A meditation on impermanence and the transience of place, the title is inspired by assemblage art where ‘found’ elements are reconstituted into a new artwork.

Barbed Song Director: Abril Iberico PERU 4:33 min

Without hearing aids, silence wraps me in a blanket of spikes, and with hearing aids the noise haunts me.

Breathing psoas Director: Anja Plonka GERMANY 14:59 min

The film breathing psoas created a speculative-utopian body and a kinship of man and nature. The body as an archive of traumatic memories, practices the transformation of related body phenomena such as pain, tension, heat, fear, disgust or anger with the help of somatic body practices such as the Trauma Release Technique (TRE) and breath work.

The dance Director: Romain Claris FRANCE

It is an invitation to experience the pure joy of the dance itself.

Hydrodynamica Director: Stephen Bretschneider USA 5:13 min

A short experimental artwork expressing the poetry of fluids.

Sea of Trees Director: Justin Blaine Miller USA 1:00 min

A collaborative study of clinical depression through the adaptation of Jen Handoko’s poem.

Drawing Blank Director: George Nicholas BULGARIA – USA  5:10 min

The ARTIST must face her inner demons before she can start her painting.

Talkin’ World War Durational Milkshake Blues Director: Anya Liftig USA 4:37

A durational milkshake performance for camera and a duet with a shifting perspective.

The 10 Commandments Director: Vasia Abatzi GREECE 11:28 min

The short film borrows religious recognizable elements and displays some of Orthodox Christianity’s conservative beliefs to parody the patriarchal and misogynistic ideologies that religion often promotes.

Summer Holidays Director: Natasa Roustani GREECE 6:55 min

A walk from Viktoria Square to Omonoia Square, Athens, through Patision Str. Meeting the repeating historical motifs until a tidal bore ruins the city

Back in the Island Director: Amanda Valle DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 4:13 min

Back in Island is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic.

Bloody Tyrant Time Director: Olessia Stroeva RUSSIA 10:00 min

This short film is inspired by one of the most masculine Sonnets of William Shalespeare.

Violence Unseen Director: Ada Pitsou GREECE 7:48 min

Inspired by the protests’ passion and momentum and considering that femicide is still an open wound.

Melancolia Director: Alina Popescu ROMANIA 4:03 min

She must let go of her yearning for the past and become something new, a being unconstrained by the limitations of her past.

The Cemetery Director: Ali Reza Beigi IRAN 3:00 min

An alone woman comes out of the empty graves and is confronted with of herself.

Idol Director: Kris Fleerackers CANADA 13:45 min

Disenchanted with the women around him, a man creates an idol of the perfect female and falls in love with it.

Otonashi Director: Martin Gerigk GERMANY 10:00 min

Otonashi is a philosophical voyage through inner and outer experiences of the human existence – an audiovisual meditation of futuristic transmutations about the Japanese Hannya Shingyō.

Sphere Director: Wataru Iwata JAPAN 6:07 min

The work of mutual transformation that takes place when the self and the other face each other continues endlessly. Using each other as a mirror, they find, circulate and penetrate each other’s reflection.

More Details(Key Cast, Links & Overview) CLICK HERE

+The Institute [for Experimental Arts] 


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