Lessness(Sans) – Yiannos Economou – Samuel Beckett – Cyprus – Ireland

“Lessness” by Samuel Becket is treated in this video, as it is often the case, like the literary equivalent of modernist abstract art, lacking any narrative, character, or the physical presence of any life – even in the form of a voice-over. Faithfully sparse, the imagery is drawn from other late proses by the author as well, and though the whole piece is presented in captions, the linearity occasionally breaks down, challenging even the fastest reader. The whole venture appears to be set in the realm of thought as it oscillates between the nebular and the solid, geometry and turbulence, the static and the moving.

Director Biography – Yiannos

Born in Cyprus in 1959, he studied Economics in the UK but re-entered full time education and obtained a Fine Arts Degree and a Masters from the Kent Institute of Art and design in Kent, 1993. Whilst mainly a video artist, he has also worked with film, photography and animation and his videos have been shown equally in gallery spaces and video festivals. His late works combine the raw verisimilar attributes of video and its ability to capture unmediated sounds and images into poetic compositions.

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