Faites Vos Jeux- Marc Neys- USA

A film by Swoon based on the poem ‘faites vos jeux’ by Marleen de Crée (from ‘Hinkelspel’, Uitgeverij P, Leuven, 2008) Words: Marleen de CréeVoice: Katrijn ClemerTranslation: Annmarie SauerAdditional Camera, editing & music: Swoon Footage: “Margaret & Ernie’s Family (1942?) Archives – Home Movies (public Domain) Thanks to Theo Hijzen, Jean & Marleen, AnnmarrieUitgeverij P. […]

Mindblotch- Serge Goldwicht- Belgium

In 1921, Hermann Rorschach discovers the power of the inkblot as a therapeutic tool. Thereafter, the inkblot becomes a catalyst of expression, a door to our subconscious. Long before him, as early as 1500, Leonardo Da Vinci noted that random splatters of coulour had the power to open up the mind. Later in the 20th […]
In the Circus of You-Cheryl Gross-Nicelle Davis–.mov-2

In the Circus of You- Cheryl Gross- Nicelle Davis- USA

Mark Neys (aka Swoon) writes: You want to take your time with these. The poetry is clear and Nicelle’s voice works smoothly with the music. At first I thought these were too literal, yet I couldn’t stop watching them over and over again. Cheryl’s illustrations are just stunning and they allow the audience to comprehend […]

Intermediate- Antonis Rozakis- Greece

Antonis Rozakis is a film editor and video artist from Athens. His wonderfull social aware artworks, characteristic element of many underground artists from Greece, offer us a direct view of the atmosphere of an ancient city in the middle of social crises. Glimpses of creativity, street art and guerilla grafitty open doors for us to […]

Situs Inversus Vincerum Totalis- Ian Gibbins- Australia

This video is part of “Body of Evidence”, a multi-medium exhibition inspired by the impact of art on health held at the Adelaide Convention Centre 30 May – 1 July, 2016 featuring John Blines, Gina Czarnecki & The Australian Dance Theatre, Meg Cowell, Ian Gibbins, Naomi Hunter, Cheryl Hutchens, Hans Kreiner, Kerryn Levy, Deborah Prior, […]

Intereactions- Eric Schmaltz- Canada

Eric Schmaltz is a Canadian poet, scholar, and editor. He is the author of one book of poetry, Surfaces (2018). Eric holds a Ph.D. from the Department of English at York University where he specialized in Canadian Literature, with an emphasis on experimental and avant-garde poetics. From 2018-2019, he was a Social Sciences and Humanities […]

Apples and Oranges- Daniel H. Dugas- UK / France

Apples and Oranges examines the question of boundaries. It is a video about freedom and captivity, about wilderness and confinement, about a prison existing next to a National Park. This video is part of the Videopoetry / Vidéopoésie book by Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc published through the Small Walker Press, Brock University, St-Catharines, […]

Travelling Home – Nicci Haynes

Nicci Haynes is a visual artist based in Canberra. Animation is one part of a practice that includes print, drawing, artists’ books and mad-scientist installations. Haynes works in the Printmedia and Drawing workshop at the Australian National University. Director’s Note Many times in the past 25 years I have made the flight from Australia to […]
AntonisRozakis- Escape Shadows

Escape Shadows (from Athens)- Antonis Rozakis- Greece

”Small duration time lapses and a story about shadows” Perfomance- George Spanakis, Evelina KarastathiVideo by Antonis RozakisMusic- Christos Tsanakas (Ground Zero) Official Selection:Video art -6th AIDFF.5o Micro μ FestivalFIVA Festival Internacional de VideoarteVideo Art Miden12th Athens Digital Arts FestivalInternational Motion Festival, Cyprus (Visited 211 times, 1 visits today)


A616 = Josh Alexander + Erkembode. “It might be its function to not have meaning. I mean people might be grasping for meaning but meaning is not grasping for the people, or grasping for the meaning.” – Ray Johnson, Oral history interview with Ray Johnson, 1968 Apr. 17, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. (Visited […]

I Drove ToThe River-Marie Craven–Australia

The final track on the final album from Cwtch, the duo of Wales-based electronic music maker, Paul Foster, and Marie Craven, vocalist & film-maker in Australia. Their 10-year collaboration across the virtual globe has produced three albums, five EPs and three singles. This is ‘I Drove to the River’, with lyrics adapted from a poem […]

Abroad I Lausanne-Evi Stamou–Greece

Evi Stamou was born at Patras (Greece) in 1985. She has studied music at Patra’s Conservatory, political economy at Athens University of Economics and Business and filmmaking at Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos. She currently lives and works in Athens, as a film director, sound recordist for film and TV productions and video artist. […]

Not To Trample- Marcin Jagnus- Poland

…not to step on animals, not to tease the grassthe grass keeps on existing, the existence gets grassy. Marcin Jagnus:I wrote the whole text in 2018. It is based on my recollection of one poem’s line. Despite all my efforts I failed to discover the author’s identity and poem’s title. If you happen to come […]

This book is over- Yoonhee Kim- Saebom Kim- Germany

This book is over, is created in intuitive and improvised way of playing with sound collage and voice samplings from different film footage. Because the video shows fragmentary images, sounds and words rather in abstract way, it allows the viewers to associate the elements with their own personal imaginations and interpretations. Saebom Kim (*1985, South […]

Rebus- Olga Pohankova -Diego Fiori- Italy

Diego Fulvio Fiori, simply known as Diego Fiori (Rome, October 20, 1975) is an Italian artist, director and film producer who is mostly active in the field of Video art. Olga Pohankova is a Slovak film-­‐director, cinematographer and visual artist. (Visited 323 times, 1 visits today)
Dollhouse-Shabnam Piryaei–.mov-2

Dollhouse-Shabnam Piryaei- Iran / USA

We witness the devastating aftermath of war. It’s not often you see such roles as Key Grip, Script Supervisor and Gaffer in the credits of a poetry film! Even better, it still goes in the author-made videopoem category, as Iranian-American poet Shabnam Piryaei is credited as both writer and main director. According to heru bio, […]

La Primavera Spring Becha-L.Kalyadin- Russia

La Primavera Spring BechaPicture by L.KalyadinSound by A.KireyevLa Primavera Spring Becha was distinguished at the International Film Poetry Festival in Athens organized by+the Institute [for Experimental Arts] more info and videoa by L.KALYADIN: (Visited 81 times, 1 visits today)
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