Victory – Valentina Ferrandes – UK

“Victory” is a computational exploration of the Hellenistic sculpture “Nike of Samothrace”. The classical masterpiece is decomposed and reconstructed using an algorithmic 3D model analysis. The extrusions are generated by a custom software patch. The 3D polygonal structure is analyzed and re-meshed according to various parameters. Motion is never entirely predictable. Through a process of dynamic deconstruction and the shifting lens of digital technology, Victory offers a new experience of an iconic masterpiece.

Valentina Ferrandes is an artist and designer from southern Italy.
Her works are screened internationally in festivals such as Visions du Reel, European Media Art Festival Osnabruck, DokuFest Kosovo, Cairo Video Festival, Rencontres Internationales, Alchemy Moving Image Festival, MACRO Rome, 5th Moskow Biennale, Bardo National Museum.
She lives and works in London.

Director Statement

In my video works I use AV archive material, mixed with contemporary images and sounds to reflect on the perception of reality through the manipulation of historical documents. The non-linear and fragmented reconstruction of images or sounds, the viewer finds his own personal narrative. Whether it’s a sound-walk in an NSA station abandoned in Berlin, constructed from samples of cold war cinema, or the juxtaposition of images on tarantism in Puglia with a story of the first case of hysteria documented by Freud, my intent is to stimulate the emotional experience of an otherwise distant yet contemporary ”phenomenon”.

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