Trees in Life- Tina Šulc Resnik- Kuzhur Wilson-Slovenia / India

A video based on a poem by Kuzhur Wilson, reflecting the relation between human, trees and life.

Video Design & Production: Tina Šulc
Poem: Kuzhur Wilson
Voice: Tara Longford
Music: Rajesh Vytheeswaran
Sound assistance: Boban Vijay
Translation to English: Anitha Varma

Slovenia, 2018

Tina Šulc Resnik is a freelance video artist from Slovenia, where she graduated with a degree in Visual Communications from the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana. She works as a videographer, cameraman, graphic designer and VJ. As a video artist, she focuses on nature imagery in a variety of forms for the purpose of expression. Her expression is dreamy, hypnotic, and trance like, but at the same time rooted in reality. She surmises that it all goes back to her passion for nature, anthropology, tribal rituals, and dreams. In the last few years, Tina has worked on a variety of projects, mostly for theaters and festivals. Her artwork is exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, experimental film/video festivals and as public art.Tina has a very intriguing process that involves mixing several images in a frame and creative use of water reflections.

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