[this is an exorcism] – Iris Fousteri – Greece

Is it possible to delete a memory?
Is it possible to reinvent yourself?
I knew I was trapped. I knew I had to escape.
But my rationality was damaged.
So I picked up new tools
[expression, symbolism, conscious re-experiencing]
and created my own private rituals.
This video is a documentation of an inner path
from a state of possession to liberation.
This is an exorcism.

Director Biography – Iris Fousteri

Iris Fousteri is an interdisciplinary artist and dance teacher, based in Athens, Greece. With an educational background in graphic arts and dance and long-term professional experience in multiple posts, her work varies from choreography and performance art to digital art, illustration, video dance and video poetry.

Director Statement

Not everything can be explained, yet everything can be expressed.

It is said that if there are too many way outs, you cannot focus on just one. Why not though to use all of your facilities in order to create a world with a center, not apparently labeled, but as strong as the surrounding elements that define it?

I see art as a contemporary mythological landscape. I reorganize interpersonal universes, influenced by comparative mythology, mysticism and Man’s endless spiritual request in his effort to connect with the Whole. Little moments of privacy, of everyday “normality” are transformed into rituals, prayers, exorcisms, kaleidoscopes and fractals that do not belong in any religion, rather in the sphere of inner psychological needs.
Art is my medium to connect to the Self, the Other, the Cosmos.

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