Theatre & Performance MasterClass International Webinar – July 2021

The Institute for Experimental Arts presents an empowering four days theatre and performance webinar created for students of all skill levels. An exclusive and exciting online experience of research and practice which gives everyone the opportunity to learn from critically acclaimed actor, poet and experienced acting coach Sissy Doutsiou from Athens / Greece

“The actor should see the body as a reflection, a permanent spectrum radiating every emotional power»  Antonin Artaud

The purpose of the research is to “minimize the physical and mental obstacles” of the human body in the process of the required self-disclosure of the actor. Continuing the decades of research by the Institute for Experimental Arts on the work of Antonin Artaud, we share experiences, skills and knowledge on making the actor a transparent point of an organic drive so that the body “vanishes”, “burns”, and the viewer “seeing only a series of visible impulses”.

Research and Practice objectives of the seminar:

– Uncovering the proper reactions required for a theatrical performance and neutralizing the resistances and obstacles of the self.

– Processes of self-empowerment: The actor must be ruthless, courageous, superior and at the same time a compassionate creative being that will not imitate reality, but will produce theatrical realities, sacred universes, and exceptional experiences.

– Creating a new performing body, through new experiences, strange and unpredictable actions. The actor becomes a person-carrier with activated primary body impulses, ready to express high qualities of self command, opening up to new fields of research and action.

– Silence, concentration, personal expression and power of the community produce transformational experiences for the participants during the seminar – transformations that are partly manifested in perceived bodily expression as a process of spiritual transformation and cultivation of the individual.

At this seminar, the participants practice and exhibit unusual physical and spiritual abilities as artists in order to cause surprise and admiration, tame fear and narcissism, find the middle way between pride and gratitude. A natural, unbiased, progressive evolution that takes place through the correct advices in a path concerning the limits and barriers of theatricality and theatrical act.

Participants are challenged to act through specific and guided exercises inspired by Antonin Artaud as also the traditional Balinese Theater. By studying the relationship between the signifier and the signified, the relationship between body and the focus points, the relationship between subject and object, observer and observed – the trainer and the participants create together a life-changing existential and collective experience.

Speech, movement, vital energy, physical expression, release forces that can change the way we perceive the world and cause all kinds of transformations. The artist’s ability to overcome the danger manifests at the charming and spectacular moment that he / she satisfies his/her curiosity and exhibit all potential, the perfection of spontaneity becomes Art. Practicing patience, taming the anxieties and time, creating a personal-collective creative space, we accumulate impressions, inspiration, experience, we share strengths, we expand the limits and abilities of our everyday life.

Organized by the actress, poet and acting trainer SISSY DOUTSIOU in collaboration with the Institute for Experimental Arts.

4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane- Sissy Doutsiou

The seminar is addressed to: people who want to cultivate their expressive means and come into contact with the art of theater, students of performing arts, professional actors and dancers as also anyone who loves and cultivates performing arts .

The participants will be trained

Theater – Body – Inclusion – Presence
Sound, Logos and Body
Acoustic spaces – Voices – Chronology – Rhythm
Performing Areas- Acting and Dramatic Atmospheres
Meaning – Expression and Effect
Presence and Representation
Body and Plasticity
Performance as a social act
Performance as a cultural exchange
Performing the diversity of the Other

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka- Sissy Doutsiou

Available seats 20

A strict set of priority will be maintained.

Webinar will be hosted in zoom platform.

Duration: 4 days- 16 hours 

dates Sat. 3 – Sun. 4 / Sat. 10 – Sun 11 July 2021

at 15:00 GMT IN 24 hour

San Francisco 08:00 / New York City 11:00 / Berlin 17:00 / Madrid 17:00 / Amsterdam 17:00 / London 16:00 / Athens 18:00  / Moscow 18:00 / Mumbai 20:30 / Sydney 01:00 / Rio de Janeiro 12:00 / Tokyo 00:00


Cost: 100 euro // includes offered bibliography and notes, as also video archives

For all info and possible questions- email: or send us your enquiries at fb messenger

Contact Telephone: 00306951407792 / 00302106465693

The cost of the seminar must be prepaid in the

bank account of The Institute for Experimental Arts

until 2 July 2021:

National Bank of Greece

IBAN GR3701101320000013200441999



and you have to complete this Registration Form

Please follow 3 easy steps to register. 1. Pay your registration fee  2. Complete the form 3. Receive the Zoom link in your email

After the completion of the seminar you will receive official certification from the Institute for Experimental Arts

Sissy Doutsiou ( is an actress and poet. She was born in Athens in 1980. She studied Astrophysics at the University of Sussex in Brighton (UK). She graduated from Delos Drama School of Athens in 2009. She is a founding member of the Institute of Experimental Arts and curator of the annual International Video Poetry Festival. She toured with plays, poetry readings, performances and lectures in Europe, USA, Mexico, India and Nepal.

She starred in theatrical performances (among others): “Metamorphosis” F. Kafka, “The Maids” Jean Genet, ” 4.48 Psychosis” Sarah Kane. As a drama coach for more than 10 years has designed acting seminars to educate people in modern theater and performance as also to empower skills of expression. She has collaborated with many theaters and art organizations in Europe, USA and Asia, among others, The Living Theatre (USA), London School of Economics, the Institute for Experimental Theatre in Calcutta (India).

Her poems can be found in “Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry: 1550-2017” Ekstasis Editions, Canada 2018. Her poetry books published by Voidness publications is a manifestation of very powerful inspiration, antipatriarchical and political,  characterized by a hedonistic feminist standpoint : “Insult of Public Modesty” in which world famous poet and academic Nanos Valaoritis introduced her in the Greek poetry community, “Glory Days”, “Sacred”, “The Voyeuress”, “Mythological Monsters”.

With talks, poetry shows and performances she has participated in international exhibitions, conferences and festivals (among others): International Poetry Festival (LSE London, 2018), City After Eight Conference -Berlin (2019), Total Freedom Festival -Calcutta India (2012), New York Film Festival (2010), University of California Berkeley (2010), 1st Biennial Destroy Athens (2007), Athens Photography Exhibition (2005).

The Institute for Experimental Arts established in 2008 in Athens- Greece as an international cultural society, a non-profit platform for creative expression and research in the fields of theater, performance art, digital media, installation, poetry and art theory. The Institute is committed to exist as an open meeting point for poets-writers, directors, actors, theater engineers/ technicians, performance artists, photographers, video artists and writers from all continents, who open new ways on contemporary art, media & communication.

The Institute for Experimental Arts

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