The Shape of the Land – Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer – USA

The Shape of the Land is an animated illustrated poetic text that uses words and image as well as voice to convey a personal /political/environmental philosophy. It is a longer form work that relates to a series of short animations I have been recently posting on Instagram. The 2d animation is drawn frame by frame on a digital screen but is done in the spirit of the direct drawing on film technique that was used by many animation pioneers. It is meant to be a visual work that functions as a painting in motion.

Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer is a New York City painter/animator/media artist who produces moving images that encompassing a myriad of methods. Her background in painting and performance art informs her practice. Sound is an integral element. The focus of her new animation and media work is to fuse the sensual , spiritual and the intellectual , creating a personal statment with time based images. Her moving and still art works have been represented in international galleries, venues and festivals .

The Shape of the Land -Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer - USA
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