The Remembering Movement – Mersolis Schöne – Austria

What is the silent moment between thoughts, glances, and memories? “The Remembering Movement” thinks poetically about this moment. This film depicts an experimental and poetic film triptych: “Thinking-Chant”, “Gaze-Frame”, and “Light-Texture” based on the painting “Poetikweltlichter” by Marion Steinfellner and the poem “Since Then” by Mersolis Schöne and Marion Steinfellner. This is connected by Michael Fischer’s soundscaping, which combines poetry and sound into a rhizomatic audio fabric triptych.

Mersolis Schöne is a German researcher and artist based in Vienna, Austria. He is interested in film-based philosophical and scientific inquiry and combines philosophical topics with poetic and artistic forms. In 2017 he founded “Moving Thought – Film+Philosophy” to implement projects focusing on this purpose. His film works are poetic and experimental.

Marion Steinfellner is an Austrian writer, dancer/performer and painter.

Michael Fischer is an Austrian musician-composer-instant composition conductor.

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