The Psychic- Anja Suchomel- Austria

This poetry video tells the story of (not) being able to tell what someone is thinking, while a psychic reader hilariously fails at predicting the future.

Director Biography – Anja Suchomel

I’m a filmmaker and poet from Austria. Since graduating from a Multimedia college in 2018, I have been studying English and American Studies while working part-time as a freelance video editor and graphic designer. I’ve been making videos for about ten years now. I want to tell stories and I’ve tried to do so, not only through videos and texts, but also photography and drawing. I self-published my first poetry book “A different kind of fairytale” last year and I’m also quite active on YouTube and Instagram under the artist name “shinefur” where I’ve also released some of my art over the years and started to build an audience.

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