The Prophetess – Marco Joubert – Canada

PASSWORD: Ponge1930

Drawing from the observations, experiences and thoughts gathered throughout her life, the prophetess, in a surge of hope and altruism, shares her conception of a world which should have been, could or will be: a manifesto, for a fictitious or latent generation The text is freely inspired by a Francis Ponge poem, The Law and the Prophets (1930), reinterpreted and rewritten to better anchor it to the contemporary context as well as to my own ideals.

Director Biography – Marco Joubert

Marco Joubert is a Canadian filmmaker born in Montreal. Primarily a director, cinematographer, screenwriter and editor, he is also an actor, producer and musician.

Professional experiences, film shoots, workshops, residencies or invitations to festivals have brought him to Nebraska, Chicago, Prague, London, Ottawa, Brussels, Spain, Los Angeles and Minsk.

Six of the short films he has directed, co-directed, co-created or photographed were rewarded by the attribution of eight awards, in addition to earning some twenty nominations.

His films were screened in Canada, the United States, Peru, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, India and Australia.

Thematically, his work revolves around the specificity of the human condition: the implications of our capacity to think and reason; the gap between material comfort and our basic needs; the difficulty of communicating with others; and the ever-looming presence of our mortality. It is about the creation of otherworldly realities that still have the power to resonate with our common experiences as human beings.

His practice in photography, architecture, drawing, graphic novels, and even music, somehow all contribute to his understanding of space, light, shapes and time, and certainly help develop the sensibilities he can bring to the art and craft of telling stories with moving images.

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