The Poet – Boldizsár CR – Gabriele Tinti – UK – Italy

Poerty film based on a collaboration between poet Gabriele Tinti, film director Boldizsar CR, actor Peter Guinness and musician Christos Fanaras.

The film was initiated by Gabriele Tinti on the occasion of the live poetry reading by Peter Guinness in March 2020 at the British Museum. The event and the journey to the event served as a context for the film directed and shot by Boldizsar. London based musician and music producer Christos Fanaras was invited to the project as a former collaborator of the Filmmaker and had free hand to experiment with the rough edit of visuals and meaning of Gabriele’s poetry.


A cold wind freezes every word. The earth draws us to itself.
“Where are you?” we cry vainly, gropingly we search where can you be
we ask in the raving of the poems of centuries ours, of those past
and those to come. “Where are you?” after you we hobble on broken legs
along this wound that leaves shallow signs. Gone! Gone! We lament the song
that we no longer know how to sing we to whom are given only to fall.
Streaming blood the poets’ laurel, barely lights that little darkness that may suffice.
What have I yet to invent?
On what do you compel me to write?
I am a poet, I do not care
about your opinions, about any request.
Come on, toast! Make merry! You will find me alone in the morgue to crown me with laurels.
Greetings neighbors! Greetings dears! Greetings to all! You need not worry, I will not threaten
your tepid joys, in that to you
I am just a passer by. Go ahead
do not stop to think. My head
sways on my neck, it won’t let me sleep.
It awaits the night, it goes on drunk. It seeks company for another drink.

Boldizsár is self taught filmmaker with a background in video art and sociology. Born and raised in Budapest, he drew on his love of classic and avant garde film-making and began to develop his own rich style. Moving from art film into more broadly narrative pieces as a director, Boldizsár manages to maintain the visual richness of his early work and a new mature venture into storytelling. He has been introduced to the Fashion world by Katy Barker. He now collaborates with artists, musicians and brands to create beautiful and engaging filmic content, and has recently collaborated with de Grisogono, Swisscard, Valentino, Tory Burch for Italian Vogue, Chloe, Numero and Another. He screened his film Cry of the City at both Raindance and London Short Film Festival and now participating in BFI Network x BAFTA Crew as a Director for the second year.

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