The Picture in the Picture in the Picture in the Picture- Catalina Giraldo Vélez- Marlen Pelny- Colombia

Closing the window. Shutting up yourself. Observing your memories. Drawers open for storing of the memories, we are constantly looking for, removing or archiving again. We open a book that might be the book of our lives. The image in the image in the image in the image is a metaphor for memory and the nostalgia of forgotten times.

Poetryfilm based on the poem “Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild” from Marlen Pelny

One of the two stand-out films, along with Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf, from Lab P‘s 2014 series, this stop-motion animation by Catalina Giraldo Vélez is based on a poem by German author and musician Marlen Pelny, who also supplied the voiceover and music.

The production of this video was part of lab/p – poetry in motion, a new project of OSTPOL for the promotion of poetry and artistic animation films in Central Germany.

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