The harp of vocal cords by Hlin Leifsdottir (official video clip)

The poetry film “The Harp of Vocal Cords” weaves a tale of women’s empowerment. A woman breaks free from societal constraints, intertwining her journey with the collective voice of women rising against oppression.

Hlin Leifsdottir & Morton – is a Contemporary Classical / Experimental Electronica / Spoken Word duet featuring Icelandic poet, writer and classical soprano Hlin Leifsdottir and Morton, aka Whodoes, a musician, composer, and record producer, based in Athens.

“The Harp of Vocal Cords” is a video single from the LP Andrymi released by the Institute for Experimental Arts in 2023 – INFO

The Harp of Vocal Cords

Poetry / Voice: Hlin Leifsdottir
Music: Morton (aka WhoDoes)
Produced and mixed by ANNA V. at “Sanctuary North Studio”
Mastered by Alen Milivojevic

Video Direction: Alkistis Kafetzi & Maria Salouvardou
Performer, Costume & Set Designer: Maria Salouvardou
Light Design: Giannis Vassaras
Camera & Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Publisher: The Institute for Experimental Arts

Copyrights: Hlin Leifsdottir, Morton, Alkistis Kafetzi

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