The Dealer – Stephanie Cobban – UK

A dealer on the streets selling some unexpected goods

Stephanie Cobban has been excited by the craft of storytelling via screen since childhood, and has been creating films for 11 years. She completed a BA in Music and one in Media before building an extensive career creating corporate films including working with a number of high profile clients. However after winning a couple of awards for films shot to poetry, Stephanie began to combine her passion for poetry and filmmaking and headed out into the world of the independent artist shortly afterwards.
As an artist, Stephanie performs and produces with Soul Food Poetry, a team of creators and artists with a passion for spoken word and music. They host shows in the UK and the Netherlands and produce poetic films for various artists, performers and organisations on the scene. It is this experience as a poet herself which places Stephanie in a unique position to collaborate with other artists, as she is able to tune into their vision and bring the best out of it.

Director Statement

“Looking for a fix?” I don’t know a single soul who isn’t. So when Chloe Jacquet’s, “The Dealer” landed on my desk, as poetry within poetry, I knew I was in possession of a potent and powerful medicine; one which transmuted from page to screen, with ease and total clarity in my mind’s eye. Such was the compelling nature of Chloe’s words and delivery.

You could say I was hooked from the very first line.

Whilst our lead breaks the mould somewhat in her all feminine ferocity, she is skulking, as expected in amongst the darker shadows of society – suppressed and rejected, though very much an integral part of the infrastructure.

Hence you’ll find her in subways, ready to prey on weary travellers, fully armed with delights.

Whilst I would love to take credit for setting the scenes, the tone in this production was really a collaborative and mutual translation of the script. It had to feel moody, gritty, dangerous, clichéd even, for the message to be heard.

The Dealer was an absolute pleasure to create from start to finish. Not merely for the perfect union of compatible ideas and visions, but also for the serendipitous timing of events that synchronised our shooting and editing schedules with an unforeseen global pandemic, with shooting taking place during the UK’s final weekend of freedom before lockdown!

I would go so far as to say the people need The Dealer now more than ever.

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