The Chairs Will Play – Hannibal Tourette – France

What happens to your objects when you leave the house? The border between living beings and things is here porous. Everything is equal in the vastness of the world and the cosmos. Can you project your subconscious on this living chairs ?

Director Biography – Hannibal Tourette

My films are intended to touch the unconscious of the spectator, to bring out immediate emotions in his inner child, to allow his inner child to free himself from the rational. Each film is thought of as an oriented dream.The existential questions are approached by indirect means, dressed in trivia or surrealism. The spectator can choose to stay on the surface or to probe what stirs his unconscious. For me, a film should be a seductive nightmare that you want to remake without admitting it to yourself. I find much inspiration in these surrealist artists: David Lynch, Luis Buñuel, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jan Švankmajer and Roland Topor. My favorite themes are animism, fairy tales and family.

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