Thank You for Supporting the Arts- a film about the artist- writer- stripper Viva Las Vegas

Thank You For Supporting the Arts a feature documentary film about the artist, writer, and stripper, Viva Las Vegas is released on DVD and Vimeo Streaming on Demand as also by the films platform Cinema Libre Studio

“Thank You for Supporting the Arts” follows a popular artist in Portland, the only daughter of a midwestern preacher, who uses her talent for stage performance, writing, and music to bring a revolution to the stages of strip clubs. The film explores her view of stripping as art and delves into the life of a young woman in America working to own her own body. But, will her irrepressible bravery and intelligence prepare her for the sacrifices that she must endure? Come for the dance of self-empowerment and leave as the regulars do, “seeing the world in Technicolor.”

Viva Las Vegas is a preacher, just like her Lutheran minister father. Unlike her father, Viva preaches from the pulpit of a Portland strip club where people throw bills on stage while she dances naked preaching the gospel of the arts. The writer, singer, scholar, and stripper is a local leader in a lifelong battle against cultural expectations. Viva celebrates the female form, advocates for the empowerment of all women, and commands respect for those whose careers depend on their bodies. A shocking breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy did not dampen her missionary zeal, and Viva continues to dance, scars and all, reminding the rest of us that art is everywhere, and art is everything.

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