Become a volunteer!

Volunteers constitute the core of our activity. The FILMPOETRY international platform, the Institute for Experimental Arts publications and our actions could not be implemented without the support of dozens of volunteers, who offer voluntary services of vital importance. If you wish to become a volunteer for us, please fill in the following contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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    Duration (Negotiable): three to six months, minimum 15 hours per week

    Work description: Locating fundraising sources and writing funding proposals and grant applications.

    Voluntary work description:
    Locating fundraising sources
    Finding and communicating with partners
    Writing and submitting funding proposals for national and European programmes, budgeting
    Public relations and programme promotion at local/European level, graphic design, etc.
    The internship can take place either at the Institute for Experimental offices offices in Athens or remotely from the volunteer’s personal space.

    It should be noted that if funding is granted the volunteer will be paid based on our agreement and further collaboration opportunities will arise and remuneration will be offered upon agreement.

    University degree
    Experience in searching and finding donations and other sources of funding
    Experience in drafting grants applications for national and European programmes, such as REC, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, INTERREG, PA (Partnership Agreement), EEA
    Excellent knowledge of English (both written and spoken)
    Excellent computer skills and knowledge of office applications
    Organisation and punctuality
    Ability to work in a team, collaboration and communication skills

    Interested candidates are required to send in via e-mail:
    One-page long cover letter, where you should state your motive and suitability for the specific position
    Your submitted documents will be deleted after 6 months.

    Contact details:
    info (at) / +302106465693 / +306951407792

    Deadline for submissions: Open all year, depending on availability

    How your company can contribute to our work
    Become our partners!

    Your company has the power to strongly influence our society’s failings and shortcomings. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial and strategic relations with our collaborating companies. Your business and employees can get involved in our work in the following ways.

    Inspire your employees
    We will cooperate with a group of your employees in order to create a personalised, inspired collaboration, which will include fresh and exciting challenges, team building focused activities and opportunities so that your employees can make the best of their unique potential by offering to the community.

    Develop Social Responsibility Action Plans for your company
    Partner with us
    in order to draft and implement a successful Social Responsibility Action Plan which will promote your company or organisation. In this way, you can significantly contribute to the community in need and, at the same time, achieve a sales increase, as well as an image and status upgrade, which will give you the opportunity to win the hearts of the consumers fair and square.

    Contribute in-kind
    Our societal actions and interventions require equipment, goods and services during their implementation. The people we support are usually in absolute need of in-kind contributions. You can easily and effortlessly participate by simply offering your product where it can make a difference in the lives of our fellow humans.

    Hire motivated young people ready to work
    Has a job position opened in your company? Are you seeking a simple yet effective way of finding the right person for the right job? We are here to connect you to young people who are in absolute need of finding employment and are fully capable of offering you their services.

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