Stone Eve – Isabelle Vorle – France

Initially, a fascination for the diversity of forms, which human beings from the depths of ages invented to represent figures.
Create bridges and flows between mythology and history, resuscitate these statuettes.
Extracted from the showcases of museums Astarte, Eve, the Great Goddess, Aphrodite, all these primordial women reappear in an abstract landscape reality. Music, like water, coats and wraps.

Isabelle Vorle lives and works in Paris.
Painter and film director of experimental films.
Poetry and contemporary music, which generate the rhythm of her films, are capable to nourish her imagination, readily abstract and condensed.

Director Statement

If most of my films are generated by readings contemporary poets, Stone Eve was born from my fascination for prehistoric statuettes discovered in Cyprus.
They inspired me with a contemplative reverie.

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