Spirals Paths of Her- Hari Marini- Greece / UK

Hari Marini is an independent writer, performance maker, educator, and co-founder of PartSuspended group. Her practice and research are focused on poetics of spaces, performative architecture, and women writers. Her work has been published in Contemporary Theatre Review, Performance Research and Journal of Greek Media and Culture. She has presented work in the UK, USA, Greece, Czech Republic, Serbia and Spain. Hari has been teaching performance courses at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). She holds a PhD in Performance from QMUL and an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from Central School of Speech and Drama (London). In 2006, Hari co-founded PartSuspended as a dynamic platform on which to foster performances, installations, writing and collaborations with other artists.

Within the Spirals project (2013-ongoing), Hari collaborates with female poets, performers, video-makers and musicians, and has filmed in a variety of places, such as London, Broadstairs, Coventry, Barcelona, Belgrade and Athens. Spirals is a poetic journey that crosses geographical borders and unites female voices in an exchange of languages, cultures, personal narratives and modes of expression. Through the symbol of the spiral, the project explores thresholds, migration, path, nature, home and sense of belonging; the spiral acts as a sign of becoming, transforming and awareness.

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