Sins – Sophia Lenartovych – Ukraine

Project “Voices” is a series of poetry movies about the birth and rise of the inner self, acceptance of a woman’s power and vulnerability, and the ability to stand against all odds in order to move on. The first work of the series is the video poetry “Sins” that’ll make its debut abroad during the 9th Internation Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece. The author of texts and project’s idea – Sophie Lenartovych – views art as one of the most powerful tools for self-expressing, namely, an ability to speak about close and sometimes very tender topics.

When an artist is honest with himself at first, the feeling of mental nudity in front of the viewer arises – and he opens himself as an answer. The push that made this video happen was Sophie’s personal tragedy that she managed to speak about when she got along with it and let it go. Sophie’s speaking about death as a part of a non- stop life cycle and a symbol of rebirth and beginning of a new way: When my mom – also my friend and mentor – died, I realized that I can rely only on myself. Meanwhile, social pressure and harassment took place because I was now as all thought – a vulnerable and lonely girl. This position makes you feel like a victim and builds fear of life. So I tell in this video poetry about the rise of a woman, namely, the death of a weak kid and the birth of persona.

When a woman finds the source of power inside, her different hypostases unite in one. She chooses what power to use properly and where. She learns to listen to her inner voice and to speak to the world about it, aiming to uphold her own borders, values, rights, and skills.

Video poetry “Sins” is a story told with the help of the body’s plasticity, music, and, of course, the text. Here, not the plot was brought to the front but surrealism and ethnic motifs. An image of a common girl is in the spotlight – she lost her voice in society a long time ago and was stuck in the routine and problems. Corporality here is symbolizing her active conscience that is striving through all the fuss. And both flute and “white voice” are waking the wild essence of a girl up and bring her back to her origins. Music for the video was made by Andriana-Yaroslava Saenko, while a dancing performance – by Halyna Shchupak. The aesthetics of this video poetry is full of ethnic motifs as Sophie’s ancestors came from Boykivshchyna (Carpathian ethnic region). And so the author has shown a very natural atmosphere for her and once again emphasized the importance of remembering your own roots.

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