Schizophrenia – Ilan L. Cohen – Australia

We live in a world of schisms and divisions on every level, physically, materially, emotionally and spiritually; herein lies the paradox, life and its’ vulnerability expressed in the short film Schizophrenia.

Ilan Cohen is a Sydney based poet turned filmmaker; author of “The Seed” and some 20000 poems about love, nature, spirituality and life in general. He is the owner/director of Dark Matter Film Production turning Poetry into scripts for film. Ilan’s ethos is “if you breathe it, write it” turning life’s little haunts and dilemmas into the magic of film. He is also a Full Emerging Member of the Australian Directors Guild. Ilan has directed a haunting film about the coronavirus and a new romantic film about love demonstrating his eclectic interest in all things joyous and mysterious.

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