Sailor- Jutta Pryor- Else Fitzgeralnd- Australia

Films that highlight emotional or contemplative moments, inspired by images, the words of poets and works of sound artists. Image, word and sound are given time and space to interplay and contribute their intrinsic qualities to heighten impact and intensify meaning.

Visual poetry collaboration with word, sound and image.
Sound by MASONIK (WA)
Concept / Video / Projection by JUTTA PRYOR (VIC).

Jutta Pryor is a multi-media artist with experience in the commercial, technical and fine art sectors. Her artistic practice has evolved from printmaking and photography to include experimental moving image work, cine-poetry, sound, film and improvised projection art for live events and immersive installations.


The sky is a low flat razor
above your balcony before the dawn.
And how I feel right now
I might knock against the sky.

Your bed becomes an ocean at night,
we arrange each others limbs around us like sails.
There’s something fleeting between us like the wind.

It’s all gentle like a tide receding,
something you can’t keep or hold on to.

Footprints in wet sand never last all that long.


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