+the Institute [for Experimental Arts] Records

The Institute for Experimental Arts Records
is a new truly independent record label, promoting genre-defying artists
in spoken word / poetry recordings, avant-garde, ambient, new-classical,
electronica, shoegaze, trip hop, techno, experimental dub, minimal synth,
post-punk, dream pop, krautrock, kosmische, psy-rock.

We are committed to offer new fantastic sonic experiences,
promote and support experimental artists
from all around the world
without losing our avant-garde ethos.

We collaborate with social aware, underground sound adventurers,
committed music lovers, bands that last in time,
young experimental enthusiasts, inspirational lyricists,
innovative music composers,
not just producers but inventors of the future sound.


The Institute for Experimental Arts
is an E.U. cultural organization, an open access meeting point for culture,
contemporary art, creativity and performance.

Within the framework of the association, music composers and sound producers,
poets and writers, directors, promoters, curators, theorists and academics,
theater and film actors, visual artists, photographers, designers,
video artists and editors, software developers and art technicians,
develop new analytical and research tools
for contemporary art, media and communication.

We manifest an organization of mutual aid from artists to artists,
a synergy, an exploration of innovative means for international cultural expression.

Demo Policy

Any demos are welcome as long as they match our label style.

Do not send the files directly to our e-mail address! Upload the files somewhere (i.e. Wetransfer) and forward us the links to download them:



Upload your tracks to your Soundcloud and send us a private link.

Propose your Ideas

* Music Tracks must be finished and complete (not unmixed or unfinished or preview/cuts).

* Final Mastering is not obligatory (but, we advise you to prepare your tracks in best possible sound production).

* All demos shall be at least 320 kbps of quality.

* Include a short (or large) biography and photographs or a press kit if you have one. We would like to know who we deal with.

* We attentively listen to every demo we got but we cannot unfortunately answer to everyone, very sorry!

* We contact you in case of our interest.

Booking Artists

We want to help our artists playing in the best venues and festivals. We offer booking agency services to our artists and promote their work.

We organize events, festivals and cross-platform collaborations of our artists.



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