Rain Frog Promise- Meriel Lland- UK

Rain Frog Promise is a metaphor as much about the healing and forgiveness offered by the ibis as about advocacy on their behalf. Rain frogs herald an apocalyptic storm. The stormwaters wash away loss and carry us into the midst of a flock of ibis. This merging creates rapture and a rebirth of wonder and also impels action to destroy the poachers’ lures. The poem takes inspiration from the Carib myth of the sacred scarlet ibis who remakes the earth after flood. It is a small story of reconnection and forgiveness. Dr. Meriel Lland is a writer,film poet,wildlife photographer and artist engaged by the stories we tell of the natural world and the secrets those stories reveal of their tellers. She has travelled with reindeer in Scandinavia,elephants in Africa and camels in Morocco.

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