Q di Q – Gianmarco Donaggio – Italy

The film was thought and completed in 48 hours, to compete in the 2020 AAFF 48-hour contest.

The director responded to the 48-hour film contest’s premise “who could have guessed” with three elements: temporality, presence, and being.

Although filmed in one day, the film juxtaposes a variety of different perspectives resulting in a not linear perception of time and a bent vision of space.

Gianmarco Donaggio (b.1991), is active as a cinematographer, director, and image-based artist. He has an education in fine art, film, and philosophy.

Gianmarco has worked on film productions for about ten years. He has started by assisting and collaborating in the camera/electrician department on international feature films, tv-series, commercials, documentaries, and art films.

Currently, Gianmarco mainly works as a cinematographer and director, prioritising independent and art-house films.

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