Practicing Like Water- Lori Ersolmaz- Kate Marshall Flaherty- USA- Canada

Included in Poetry + Video, a touring program of International video poetry. Curated by Marie Craven

Poetry by Kate Marshall Flaherty
Crumbs of sleep in my eye.
Dream residue.
I squeeze my lids tight,
burrow deeper
into the warm blanket-folds,
wanting to go back
where I am sharing a meal with you
at a sunny pine table.
Cascade Mountain through the glass.
No need to speak,
or hold hands,
peaceful silence dissolving
into one smile like water.
The weightless feeling still fluttering
in the cage of my ribs.
Why do we waken
with such longing, sometimes?
Have we been floating with angels?
Practicing for death,
in sleep?
Are we slipping into a pool
where dream and dreamer are one?
Are we each a cup of water
poured into the sea?

Lori Ersolmaz, founder of Voices of Hope Productions is a visual storyteller and multimedia content producer. Lori has diverse experience working with Fortune 200 corporations, nonprofit organizations and policy think-tanks on marketing, communication design and new media initiatives. She is also an Adjunct Professor. Lori advocates for a diverse media culture, rich with collective voices, illuminating stories not often heard in the mainstream media. Lori is an active social justice, education, health, environment and media reform advocate with a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies and Film from The New School, a university with a history of progressive thought and service to others. Lori uses her diverse skills, experiences and energy to develop multimedia content as a tool for dialogue and engagement. Kate Marshall Flaherty is a poet, yoga instructor, teen retreat guide and one of the founding members of the Children’s Peace Theatre. She has won awards for her poetry, including Word Magazine Poetry Prize, the Silver Hammer Poetry Award, THIS Magazine and Canadian Church Press Award. As well, she was shortlisted for Descant’s Best Canadian Poem and the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize. She ‘poemed’ people in hospitals, cafes, parks, art galleries and yoga classes, giving away her first book published by Hidden Brook Press.

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