Personal Odyssey – Panida Petchara – Thailand

Spending one month and a half on Trans-Mongolian Railway trip, with over 7,500 km in total, is creating the mindscape large enough to contemplate the meaning of life, experience the unknown and exploring a deeper understanding of life.

Panida Petchara (born 1994) grew up in Songkhla before moving to Bangkok for university. In academic year 2016, she graduated with first class honours in BFA from Communication Design program at the School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT where her creativity and multidiscipline were consistently flourished. She found herself strongly fascinated by producing lense-based works. Since 2017, she has been working as a photographer, cinematographer and video editor in Bangkok.

Believing there is always something new to discover, she enjoyed experimenting work along with exploring the world. Spontaneously, most of her works show sense of solitary and open to interpretation.

Director Statement

A ‘Spiritual Quest’ which exists in the inner self; its mystery intriguing and impossible to unweave. Personal Odyssey, playing the role of an explorer, wanders through journey of life. ​ My discovery of ‘Self-Odyssey’ was verbally scripted by 13 candidates. Each were cast in a reality show, where they were interviewed about their personal lives and experiences. As I listened, I find myself wandering through their self-passage towards their quest. ​

The script was constructed by rearranging the words to bring out my perspective and interpretation of ‘Odyssey’. The supporting visuals are of my path through the Trans-Mongolian journey. I’ve come to realise that life is the longest journey. A journey full of surprises, doubts, and uncertainties. So you may ask, ‘How does one live through such a journey?’ The answer is simple, ‘By not giving a f*ck and living it to the fullest.’

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