Our Bodies (A Sinners Prayer)- Mat Mullins- USA

Matt Mullins makes poetry-films, digital/interactive literature and writes poetry, fiction and screenplays. His poetry-films have been screened at festivals throughout the world including Visible Verse(Canada),Zebra(Germany),VideoBardo(Argentina),Liberated Words(England), Ó Bhéal(Ireland),The Body Electric(USA),CYCLOP(Ukraine),Co-Kisser(USA), The Filmpoem Festival(Scotland),Rabbit Heart(USA) and The International Film Poetry Festival(Greece). His poetry and fiction have appeared in online and print literary journals such as the Mid American Review, Pleiades, Hunger Mountain, Descant, and Hobart. His debut collection of short stories, Three Ways of the Saw, was published by Atticus Books in 2012 and was named a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year.

Our Bodies (A Sinner’s Prayer)

Behold, our bodies
and our bodies are to be
our bodies. Behold
constantly changing
our bodies. And our bodies
are to be our bodies.
Behold, thy hands have
stretched out the heavens
and have left with the feeling
that there is the possibility of
the hand of man reaching up
to touch various hues
and shades of light:
our bodies. Behold thou
openest thy hands
and satisfieth every need
every hunger of man manifesting
his compassion, revealing
his hand, which will forever
symbolize his real being
the tenderness and love
that he feels for humanity
while they that live by force will die
by force. Behold
the clenched fist of man. It shows
the recklessness of the human mind.

I think we need to remember
That those hands hold goodness
and love and also power.
Let every head be bowed.

I would like to take this moment
to pray a prayer with you
a sinner’s prayer: Behold
our bodies, and our bodies are
to be our bodies. Behold
my hands. If you will lay your hands
upon your body, I am willing
to perform a miracle in your life.
Expect a miracle.
Behold, our bodies.

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