Ophelia – Meike Redeker – Germany

Through a monologue spoken backwards, the video deals with discriminatory depictions of women in the past and present. In a river scene, resembling J. E. Millais‘ famous painting of Shakespeare’s dying character Ophelia, the filmmaker appears. She speaks constantly into the camera. Her speech remains abstract until the video plays backwards and elicits the words in their original order, revealing a statement about the complex entanglements of language, image and social roles. On different levels the video moves forwards and backwards in time.

Meike Redeker is a video artist. With the specific language of the medium video, she shapes performative and narrative elements. Having the role of the filming camera always in mind, her works reflect the distribution of power between the seeing and the filmed in various contexts. Meike Redeker studied Fine Arts and Design in Braunschweig (DE), Istanbul (TR) and Bandung (ID). Her video works have been screened in film- and media art festivals internationally. Her latest work Ophelia (2020) was funded by the nordmedia Production Grant mediatalents and won the Art Prize Lüneburg. Her recent solo show «Through the Looking Glass» at Kunstverein Buchholz was accompanied by a publication by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg.

Director Statement

My video works and video installations are characterized by performative and narrative elements. Through the specific language of the medium video, I shape their form and content. I draw inspiration from my every day’s surroundings and questions how certain elements shape individuals or society as a whole: For example the configurations of the public space and our scope of actions within, the images which surround our lives, social roles, social conventions and social expectations. Very often, the filming camera is part of the narrative. I focus my work arround the question, how a filming camera shapes and frames situations. With my artistic work, I want to show the unequal distribution of power between the seeing and the filmed in various contexts and I aim to visualize the fictions and constructions of norm, identity and reality.

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