On The Ills Of Smoking-Shauna Robertson-Daniil Kharms-UK

Shauna Robertson (Shauna Darling Robertson) hails from the north-east of England and currently lives in the south-west. Her poems have been displayed on buses, performed by actors, made into comic art, hung on a pub wall, turned into song lyrics and widely published in various journals, ‘zines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic. A first poetry chapbook, Blueprints for a Minefield, won the inaugural Fair Acre Press competition in 2016 and was subsequently selected as one of four contemporary chapbooks to be taught on Bath Spa University’s BA Creative Writing programme. A second, Love Bites, was published by Dancing Girl Press (USA) in spring 2019. Shauna also writes for children. Various poems have appeared in anthologies from Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Troika, Otter-Barry Books and The Emma Press; several were commended in the Caterpillar Children’s Poetry Prize 2017 and the YorkMix Children’s Poetry Competition 2019.

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