O – Anna Halbleib – Germany

What happens in our presence of over-saturation, over stimulation — of information, images, words — when we seek for tranquility?
The encounter with this (thought) experiment is documented in moving images: A long take rotates almost continuously. A human stranded in green moss. Little seems to happen. Is that so? The thoughts go round in circles. Efforts to escape — to grasp — the repetitive prayer-mill-like pattern seem to be an insurmountable obstacle in itself: Where do they come from? Where do they go? These thoughts? And what happens when we start to observe them?

Director Statement

For me the film is an attempt to capture a walk through our minds, my mind. A reflection on my meditation practice and examination of this abstract concept — the mind; Thoughts arise and pass, presence and distraction alternate, rotate. And yet, there seem to be these rare moments of tranquility. To me this inner movement of thought colors our external world, our (re)actions.
All the more reason to take some time to contemplate.

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