No More Recovery – Nicolò Puppo, Francesco Terzago (Mitilanti) – Alfonso Pierro – Italy

A short movie that depicts parts of the Province of La Spezia far from the worldwide renowned places of gentrification and mass tourism, Cinque Terre and Porto Venere.It’s an engaging tale about wandering, social alienation and Third Landscape; a journey through a galaxy of loneliness and sprawl. A cut-up in which the fragmentized timeline of insomnia (and occupational burnout) shines.It is a sonorized poetry produced by the association of social promotion “Mitilanti” in collaboration with the composer Michele Mascis.

The  Mitilanti were born informally in August 2015, and formed a Social Promotion Association in January 2017. The members are: Andrea Bonomi, Andrea Fabiani, Filippo Lubrano, Alfonso Pierro and Francesco Terzago. The purpose of this band is to give a non-specialist public the opportunity to cultivate a love for poetry. Breaking the bookish boundaries of writing in verse even if this can correspond to hybridizing with: music, video, images. The Mitilanti are distinguished by the production of numerous events where poetry is present in its oral form: poetry slam, reading, open mic; and initiatives in the school environment.

In October 2016 Mitilanti printed their first book:  Mitilanti Vol.01 , the introduction is by  Lello Voce  and the illustrations by  Elena della Rocca . They write Mitilaria, an aperiodic elzeviro that hosts, in its second issue, a drawing by  Tuono Pettinato .

In February 2017 they created  Mitilanza # 1 – the mobile spaces of poetry , a two-day round table discussion and reading that leads to La Spezia over 100 Italian poets and intellectuals from all over Europe, including:  Erminio Risso, Tommaso Ottonieri, Marcello Frixione  and  Ivan Tresoldi .

A  Mitilanza # 1  periodicals and newspapers such as the ‘ Espresso, Repubblica and Il Sole 24 Ore devote their interest in the article and insights. 

Another initiative of the Mitilanti is, starting from 2017,  Palamiti . A review of performative poetry that leads to La Spezia, every summer, some of the most significant Italian performers who move in this expressive field. In 2018, again in the context of  SparkFestival , it born instead  harrow , further review of orality and poetry that reaches the villages of Val di Vara, events then distributed far from the center of the noisy and pelagic Ligurian town.
Starting from September 2016 the Mitilanti bring their poems to numerous cities in northern and central Italy sharing the stage, for the  International Poetry Festival  of Genoa, with  Massimo Zamboni (CCCP) and, on the occasion of  Monterosso, a sea of ​​books , with  Pierpaolo Capovilla  (Teatro degli Orrori). 

In September 2017 they present  their Poeta show at  Avanti Popolo , a festival organized by the  CGIL in the city of La Spezia   followed by reruns in Tuscany and Veneto.

Since May 2017 they have been promoting the  Gym of creative writing and mental reorganization  to which seminar activities are connected. For example, in the summer of 2018, a weekend dedicated to the art of storytelling, with the teaching of  Walter Siti  and in the autumn of 2019 with  Giulio Mozzi .

Between January and April 2018, and for the same parenthesis of 2019, they take care of the Poetry Slam tournament  Senti Che Muscoli SP!  in collaboration with  OrigamiHouse , an event included within the Italian poetry slam championship managed by  LIPS – Italian Poetry Slam League  where over twenty authors, coming from all over the country, compete against each other with verses.

In the summer of 2018 they take the stage of the Pop.It festival  , together with indie artists such as Francesco De Leo and Giorgio Poi, with their preview of  Casa Dentro , an EP of sound poetry in collaboration with the musician Michele Mascis.

They are the authors of the performance  Poetry Call  which signals the difficult situation of the call-center operators; the work is documented in a video developed in collaboration with the photographer Nicolò Puppo.

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