Night Bus- Sarah Tremlett- UK

A conversation on a night bus in the UK. Set against the dawn sky, a refugee attempts to forget the memories that he has left behind, and value love and the relative safety of his new life. The fourth in the series of poetry films BY Sarah Tremlett on light and time, with Mr Sky, Solstice Sol Invictus and Summer Solstice.

Night Bus was premiered at the windswept, inspiring and unforgettable North Cornwall Book Festival (centred around the ancient church of St Endellion which apparently, according to poet Sir John Betjeman CBE, keeps praying when the congregation have left). It was part of the Uprooted screening, which featured films on the refugee crisis: set in war zones, in transition and building a new life in a strange country. Many thanks to the festival creator, talented novelist craftsman Patrick Gale for having the vision to host the screening. He not only constructs fine details within the pages of a book, but also made sure that every aspect of the event was memorable for everyone: audience, writers, artists and musicians alike.

Text and Camera: Sarah Tremlett

Director: Sarah Tremlett

Editor: James Symonds

Sound Design: Sarah Tremlett

Music: ‘Time is Running Out’ Andrew Kn; ‘Dawn Chorus’ tdes; ‘Ambience Light Grey’ A Deathy; all under Creative Commons Licence.

Screened at:

7th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, 2018
Uprooted – North Cornwall Book Festival, 2018
Uprooted – Bath Spa Empathy Conference, 2018
Uprooted – Lyra Poetry Festival, Bristol, 2019

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