“Naif poetry” Antiprovincialism – Bassilis Vassiliadis – Thanasis Panou – Greece

Poet: Bassilis Vassiliadis

Video artist: Thanasis Panou

Narration: Dimitris Michas

Thanasis Panou studied economics, sociology, criminology and then completed with special studies of fine arts (image- sound- word) regarding the research of the artistic style and morphic correspondence from an art form to another through experimental education. He is founding member of The Archive of Greek and Foreigners Writers, “Visual Library” His literary and artistic work has a rich record by participating in countless at literary and art festivals, such as Festival of Art in Atena, International Poetry. He also appears in many anthologies of poetry, such as ”Poetry anthology” in 2015 and 2016 ,Publishing House Ostria, ”Anthology of poetry” with “Dip generation”, 2015 Publisher “Ekdosis Thraki” and other. I find it imposibile to review all his work, and indeed to translate all the original titles, metaphorical, that Tanasis Panou proposes to us through his poetry, art videos and editorials. Prolific and overflowing, he should be followed daily to be charged to the true value. In 2017 Thanasis Panou film: “Video Art Film Noir” won the first prize in 6th Athens International festival of digital cinema AIDDF.

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