My enemies- Vasilis Karvounis- Greece

In his aim to interpret how the unconscious works, Freud suggested that it is distinguished by a structure that is divided into three parts, Id the Ego and the Superego. Id, represents the motivations, instincts and biological needs and is inherent from birth. The notion of the Ego is the logical part, it is not innate but it is cultivated through the accumulated experience. The Superego represents all the ethical and social values of the individual, being somehow a moral conscience. He also expressed that the interrelation of the three aforementioned parts define an individual’s mental state. The work “My enemies” has as basic references Freud, Beckett and “The theatre of the absurd” conveying the three mental parts as real and divisive situations. The video shows three characters that discuss and collide with each other creating language games in an environment with a banquet character.

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