Messages – Andja Arnebäck – Göran Strömqvist – Sweden

When Göran, 93, retired he made a change and became a poet. Göran reads and writes poems based on his everydaylife.

Andja Arnebäck is an educated documentary filmdirector at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm and Biskop Arnö folkhögskola. She has made several shortfilms, documentary films and art videos since 1997. She has also worked as a photografer and been writing manuscript for both documentary and fiction. Andjas films range from personal stories to experimental art videos. They have had different themes and forms, from personal documentaries to Cinema Direct. Recurring themes have been social issues and human in relation to society and institutions. Her art videos has been shown at different galleries such as Gallery UKS, Kunstnerernas hus in Oslo, Röda Sten and Gallery 54 in Gothenburg. Her films has been shown at Swedish Television and filmfestivals. Andja is currently working on a feature documentary film about love late in life.

Director Statement

The short poetry film Messages strives to allow pictures from Görans everyday life and his poems to provide opportunities for associations, feelings and thoughts.

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