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This videopoetry project is a visualized letter to our younger self. An emotional adulthood-maturity guide, a how-to speech pointing out the right ways to grow up gently, in order to avoid future frustrations and traumas (quite utopian, don’t you think?)…
The lyrics also sound like a plea by the grown self to the younger one, for ‘lowering the tones’ and accepting life’s sweeping change.

Is it a helping hand or just a finger of blame? How could the younger self spot the difference? Maybe by having the patience and the courage to face its biggest fears and to accept things as they came.

In the second part of the video, the colors become warmer, the footage run faster and there are no more lyrics but instrumental music. The younger self has now experienced everything that the older self was trying to protect it from, so there is no need of further advice. After seeing through darkness our present self is ready to welcome the light.

Sissy Mitsikosta:
Sissy is a poet and creative copywriter in advertising, born in Athens, Greece. Her love for poetry and music defined her from a very young age.
In March 2020, one of her poems with the title “the Dinner” was nominated at the national poetry contest by ItravelPoetry. She is currently planning to publish her first compendium of poems.

NSsonic is an art director and filmmaker, born in Athens, Greece. He has created remarkable artworks for some of the greatest new-generation, underground hip-hop artists of Greece.

Gravitysays_i was formed in March 2003 by Manos Paterakis and Nikos Retsos in Piraeus, Greece.
Their first appearance in discography came with the album entitled “the roughest sea” (2007), released on Sirius, the label that was founded by Manos Hatzidakis, the famous Greek composer. It is comprised by 9 compositions inspired by egotism, vanity and the isolation of modern man.
Their later album “The Figures of Enormous Grey and The Patterns of Fraud” (Restless Wind, 2011), reexamines social values, institutions and morality as an extension of individual, as well as collective conscience. Their sound follows a traditional / Mediterranean audio vocabulary, while, at the same time, the dark, atmospheric elements become even more apparent.

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