LENS – MUSE – Adam Holoubek – USA

A poet walks through Times Square. experiencing the expanse of his waking wor(l)d and the sacred space of his subconscious muse, expressed in four realms.

Adam Holoubek is a New York City based poet, photographer, and filmmaker originally from Bratislava, Slovakia. He has spent his life travelling between Europe and North America and is inspired by cultures found on both continents. His film work consists of poetry films and short docs dealing with themes of humanity in the modern world, the role of technology, urban life, philosophy, and the subconscious. Regarding film work Adam received awards at Deep Focus Film Festival 2020, New York Movie Awards 2020, Venice Film Awards 2020, Florence Film Awards 2020, Mastic Beach Mini Indie Film Fest 2019, LA Experimental Forum 2018, and International Film Festival of Manhattan 2017.

Director Statement

When poet S. Lewis Feemster first approached me to realize his poems into film, I knew innately it was going to be a profound collaborative effort. I absorbed his every word obsessively in order to craft a unique visual journey for the audience. The LENS-MUSE journey encompasses humanity’s relation to technology and beyond. From childhood we are bred on screens, seeking validation from digitized personas, rapidly evolving computing power breaking through our blood brain barriers, the digital world no longer digital. Yet both on earth and in the universe, though all of the trials and tribulations that make up our collective experience, there is still so much left to discover.

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