Leaves of the City – Walt Whitman – Carles Pamies – Usa – Spain

Listen, watch the City and the words by Walt Whitman about the city, the men and life and death. WALT WHITMAN’s poems over the edge of Nature and City. The City as the main concern: What Whitman tries in Leaves of Grass is the dissolution of the separation between man and the world, the individual and his external world in a single flash: the self amalgamating in the collective.

Director Biography – CARLES PAMIES

Licensed in Sciences of Information.
He alternates the most sordid television programs in all the spanish Networks during the last 25 years with his own video creations.
He obtains some Literary minor Awards in poetry.
Tries to engage the Video Art society with his own perspective, unsuccessfully.

Director Statement

Searching for the Beauty, even when the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper

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