an inward gait toward you by Kamene Ogidi | USA

an inward gait toward truth is a journey, riding the back of consciousness through its tumultuous conversation with self. The warmth of still surrounds call in familiarity – we are more intimate with ourselves than any other. Everything in this journey is vulnerable. There is the vulnerability of the breath, while the subject prepares to meet themselves. There is the vulnerability of the body, seemingly naked, the exposed face viewed close up. The subject figuratively peels back, coaxes, unfurls in vulnerability, breath, deliberation. Somatics rarely lie, and the movement of the body, face, thorax, hands, fingers are an iterative self-rendering. They ultimately arrive at the heart of questions about the self. Does this subject, pawing at their face, recognize themselves? Can they bear to be in their body? What has happened to them and what would release them?

Despite the tumult, dissociation from self as a form of psychic survival does not occur. There is universality to unarticulated traumas, partially remembered, and only present in our somatics, in small or abortive movements, in privacy, in bed, in nudity, in chaos, in quiet. There is universality in coming home to a self in transformation, disarray. The somatics of processing traumas and experiences are not static – they are in flux, in movement. This work brings to life the movement that emotional processing delivers, a movement that allows disgust, doubt, critique, reconciliation, and integration of shadow selves to arise as phases and phrases. The refrain “I am a beautiful being” is a universal begging of the soul as old as time. It is a trite old thing that holds power when one has done the work to uncover it from within. The refrain, once an emergent realization for the subject becomes an offering to the viewer. No suffering, transformation, nor redemption occurs in isolation.

Director’s Note

I am a strong believer in healthy communities encouraging and supporting individual inward journeys.  Healing is a critical area of focus for me. I wanted to explore what is difficult to see, and provide a visual touchstone. The feeling of overwhelm and emotional tumult when diving deep to address an area of immense trauma or activation – and then to experience a breakthrough, any breakthrough. This is an experience close to my heart and one I hope others identify with in journeys toward liberation and ease of suffering. 

Kamene is an interdisciplinary weaver, writer and strategist. Educated first as an immigrant and community organizer, they hold a Masters in City Planning from UC Berkeley which grounds their experience in environmental & energy justice, mobility equity, spatial security, and community development. Their work straddles visions for comprehensive accessibility, empathetic interventions, and critical philosophies for the futures we have yet to live into.

Kamene currently writes, researches, and collaborates with community members between California, Montana & New York.

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