The Institute for Experimental Arts

Τhe Institute for Experimental Arts is a platform of creative expression and research in the fields of theater, performance art, digital media, installation, poetry and art theory. The Institute is committed to exist as an open meeting point for poets-writers, directors, actors, theater engineers/ technicians, performance artists, photographers, video artists and the writers who develop new analytical tools on contemporary art, media & communication. The goals of the Institute is the construction of situations that offer analytical and educative work that cultivate radical theories hand in hand with artistic activity. Therefore the Institute’s message places itself inside and among the wide social body beyond the dominant commercialized cultural structures and their limitations.

The Institute of Experimental Arts is a non-profit Cultural Organization. Its founding members are Greek and foreign artists, academics and researchers. The Institute of Experimental Arts was established in 2008 in Athens as a creative group of expression and research in the fields of theater and performing arts in general, digital media, visual facilities, poetry and theory. Through the experience developed by organizing theatrical performances, poetry festivals, training seminars for hypocritical and artistic creation, art theory lectures, film screenings, tours and international partnerships, the Institute for Experimental Arts was organized as an international cultural organization with members from Greece, the US, Ireland, Tunisia and Germany.

The Institute of Experimental Arts is a worldwide professional network that has worked with a total of 2,000 artists worldwide and with forty (40) international video festivals.

Our mission is to produce and provide platforms and fields of cooperation, artistic work and educational opportunities – in the international contemporary art community.

The Institute is committed to being an open meeting point for all cultural specialties, whether at creative, organizational or technical level. As part of the work of the poet-writers association, directors, actors, engineers/film technicians, visual artists, photographers, graphic artists, software developers, theoreticians and academics are developing new analytical and research tools for contemporary art, media, communication and the organization of actions that explore innovative means of cultural expression at international level.

・ The contact of Greek authors with the central international scene of art in the fields of theater, video art, experimental music and poetry

・ The networking of creative collaboration, the recording, archiving and extensive public presentation of the work of our vast list of partners.

Training of young creators.

・ The promotion of performing arts, poetry, video art and experimental music to the general public.

・ Strengthening the global acceptance of the International Video Poetry Festival and creating new contacts with artists and art institutions to export the festival to more countries.

Refresh Poetry through innovative presentations.

・ Production of quality work accessible to disabled people and promotion of their creative work.

・ Production and promotion of work by socially excluded groups.

・ Dissemination of Modern Greek and Foreign Poetry.

・ Actions to promote artists abroad.

・ Youth contact with contemporary art, promotion of young expression and the emergence of professional rehabilitation outlets through art.

・ Participation in international festivals and promotion of artists in them.

・ Organization of research conferences involving academics and artists.

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