Incantation – Las Hermanas del Desorden – Spain

‘Incantation’/ ‘Hechizo’ is the first video from the Barcelona-based group Las Hermanas del Desorden.

Las Hermanas del Desorden are Ale Oseguera, Belén Berlin, Mad Pirvan and Laura Tomás. They are defined by their exploration of electric poetry, challenging the borders between theatre, cabaret, rock concerts and poetry recitals.

‘Incantation’ is a love spell that quickly turns into a curse. Poetry as an experience returns to its ritualistic origin, in which they seek an experiential identification of the viewer with the dramatic conflict.

In a lynchian nightmare reminiscent of techno paganism, the spellbound twists in a choreography that mixes elements of butoh with flamenco until he is consumed by the incantation. The climax of the video shows the dancer trapped in a sacred circle, unable to break the magic.

In this video poem, the word becomes one with the body and it responds to the laws of a primary, universal emotion, one being able to identify with the spellbound and at the same time with the sorceresses.

The poem is featured in the book/record “La musa suicida”, published with El Petit Editor, within the collection Palabrareadorxs. It was recorded between Sol de Sants and Iristudis studios in Barcelona with the production of Alberto Pérez (who has worked with artists such as Morcheeba, Holy Bouncer, El Niño de Elche and KRS One)

Mad Pirvan is a Romanian multidisciplinary artist, based in London. She is co-founder of The Bloody Poets and Las Hermanas del Desorden. She directs and produces mixed arts events in England and Spain and as a performer she explores the scenic possibilities of poetry, through musical collaborations and performance art.

She has worked in theatre, radio and film and has recently directed the eco-poem ‘Everyday an Apocalypse’ written by Debra Watson and the audiovisual work ‘Incantation’/ ‘Hechizo ‘ with Las Hermanas del Desorden. Both have been featured in various international festivals.

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