In West Virginia- Jack Cochran- Pamela Falkenberg- Dave Bonta- USA

Dave Bonta’s Haibun poem about an unexpected car breakdown in a small town, “In West Virginia,” the second poem in his recent book, “Failed State,” is the inspiration for Jack Cochran and Pamela Falkenberg‘s film poem, which finds arresting audio and visual correspondences among landscapes taken over by strip malls, strip mines, and strips of highways.

Text of the poem by Dave Bonta:

Dave Bonta is a writer, editor, and web publisher from the Appalachian mountains of central Pennsylvania. Born the same year as the Miranda warning and the term “found poem” (1966), he has been exercising his rights to remain silent and to call anything a poem ever since. He aspires to be a good minor poet and a great reader. These days he guesses he is most widely known as the guy behind Moving Poems, a compendium of poetry videos from around the web. The contribution of Moving Poems and Dave Bonta to the artistic and creative success of  International Video Poetry Festival of Athens (as also to other video poetry festivals) is vast offering visibility to this underground art genre and connecting artists and organizers.

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