In the Dead Park – Moritz Liewerscheidt – Dieter Liewerscheidt – Germany

Based on the poems of a writer living in a small town in former West Germany, “In the Dead Park” (original title: “Im toten Park”) paints the portrait of a society that has lost its language.

Starting out from the poems of a lyric poet living in the countryside of the Lower Rhine region from the 1960s to the 1990s, “Im toten Park” gives an account of West German post-war history. Dieter Liewerscheidt’s poems prove to be meta-texts about a now remote epoch – that of the old Federal Republic – as palimpsests in which literary tradition, everyday linguistic rubbish and second-hand media phrases are overwritten several times.

Photography, Montage, Concept, Director: Moritz Liewerscheidt
Poems: Dieter Liewerscheidt
Production: Silberstein Produktion 2019

Moritz Liewerscheidt, born 1981, studied history and philosophy in Düsseldorf and media art at KHM, Cologne. Artist and filmmaker of experimental and essay films since 2012. Founding of the Silberstein Produktion for animation and experimental film in 2019. Moritz Liewerscheidt lives in Berlin.

Dieter Liewerscheidt was born 1944. Besides his scientific publications in Literary Studies, he published several books of poetry since the 1970s.

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