As an African American, have you hungered for information about your Ancestral home? Or hungered for stories with historical significance that show your ancestors as anything but slaves?
In your youth or even now as a parent, have you searched for fiction that displays women and girls of African heritage as Strong, Powerful, Complex, Beautiful beings, but found only one-dimensional caricatures?
I AM A DAHOMEY WARRIOR” follows the gripping journey of a young girl coming of age prior to the colonization of Africa. This take on the narrative poem and short story form follows our heroine from the early days of her childhood through the heart-stopping events that mold her into the warrior she is today.
Although fictional, this story is based on a real tribe of female African Warriors. The Dahomey Warriors, through their incredible power and prowess, were often compared to the mythical Greek Amazons by European scouts. These comparisons continue to this day.
Come, step into the mind of a warrior and be led through her adventures by the use of poetry as a means of powerful storytelling.

The Huntress pulled me closer, hugging me tightly. She looked down at me with dark piercing eyes and said, “None of this is your fault.” “Today you are only a child, and you did what you were able to do, Survive!”

About the Author

Dionne D. Hunter is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but has also called Ohio and North Carolina home.
After the sudden death of her mother, Ms. Hunter was raised by her widowed father, who strove to raise her to be self-reliant and proud of her African American heritage.  
He also encouraged her to read; and read she did, everything including poetry, sci fi,horror and romance.  She fell in love with the art of storytelling and would spend hours weaving adventurous tales to entertain her siblings.  
As a United States Navy Veteran, mother of 2 and grandmother of 4, Ms. Hunter has gravitated to Spoken Word as an expression of her emotions and ideals. 
Her work has been included in anthologies published by Writing Knights, The Poet’s Haven, and Crisis Chronicles Press.
She has been featured in a web-series, Equity in Art: Cleveland Poet Speaks to Social Injustice as well as being featured during a television segment called How Art Speaks in Unsettling Times – Carolina Impact PBS Charlotte WTVI.
In addition, her Spoken Word videos have been selected to be screened during the 9th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece, and the 2021 Raleigh Films and Art Festival in North Carolina. 

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