How to Get Rid of Ourself ? How to Achieve Liberation on Our Own? Exbus – Szabina Péter – Kristóf János Bodnár – Hungary

Autonomy of the digital signal-processing systems, pictures of the artificial gaze and the nature evolving from each other about the human – or its absence – accessible through and within them appear in the sequence. We are progressing and processing within and between bardos. We hear the machine-like, non-sensical speach of voice synthetizers, their feedback into a sign not recognizing itself. Liberation in a space void of subject. Accompanied by the accents of the voice-synthesizers reading in different languages the following two poems’ abstract sounds are heard:

“O now, when the Bardo of the Moment of Death upon me is dawning!

Abandoning attraction and craving, and weakness for all [worldly things],

May I be undistracted in the space of the bright [enlightening] teachings,

May I [be able to] transfuse myself into the heavenly space of the Unborn:

The hour hath come to part with this body composed of flesh and blood; May I know the body to be impermanent and illusory.“

“I am perishing, I am perishing…

Am I bearing or crapping now?”

Director Biography – Szabina Peter, Kristóf János Bodnár

Szabina Peter, born 1987 in Ózd, Hungary.
Lives and works in Debrecen, Hungary.
She graduated from the University of Debrecen with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master’s degree in aesthetics, and is currently a lecturer. Besides her writings and research being published in journal articles and book chapters, she also engages in visual arts activities. In the present she creates in the field of intermedia, in which she combines her experience in painting and photography. Regular participant in hungarian art colonies: International Lake Venice Nature Art Symposion, International Alternative Textile Symposion. He has been an active participant in the artistic activities of Art Colony Cered since 2015: e. g. in the spring of 2019, she participated in the Slow Art, International Artist Symposion (Cered-Vantaa) project in Finland together with several artists of the Art Colony. Her works were presented in several exhibitions.

Kristóf János Bodnár, he received his master’s degree and PhD in philosophy from the University of Debrecen, and an MSc in Bioethics from Icahn School of Medicine, Mounty Sinai. Besides his academic activities and research, he also has a certificate in sound engineering, his is interested mainly in sound synthesis and sound design, with particular regard to the sounds of video art. Presently he is creating inter- and multimedial content, chiefly by means of digital videography.

Directors Statement

Nature and human existence within it in particular, always was a substantial source and a focal point of my works. Thus I am seeking to explore possible variations in the zone between nothing and the world structured by concepts and forms: transitions by means of which all the shapeless and senseless takes form and necessarily emits itself for the sensation and comprehension of human experience. For something doesn’t paying more consideration to the meaning of a phenomenon than to its material presence. For something constantly searching for new interpretations, so to reconfigure what once seemed and seems to be familiar.

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