How Are You? What You Doing? – Ana Pantic – Serbia

The main idea of the poetry video “How are you? What you doing?” is intertwining a surface of everyday life’s ease with the inner feeling of loneliness, lack of communication and any interest in the lives of others.
Choosing a realistic narrative line, formed by cumulating unimportant routine pictures which color a gray emptiness and the senseless but constant motion, is deliberate, trying to bring segments of consumption and permanent busyness to life.
Each of the dominating video colors symbolizes a significant aspect – green combined with brown for life and regeneration, red for entertainment, and gray as a picture of alienation and solitude.
Cut off tree trunks with their gray nuances are imposed as pillars connecting nature and lifelessness.
Music is also based on two levels – acoustic, melancholic guitar indicating ease and motion and distorted electric guitar sounds from the background carrying suppressed emotions of the lyrical I, torn by an image they are pushed to be framed in and their fragility and loneliness.

Ana Pantić – Biography
Born in Belgrade in 1975.
Graduated from Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology.
Writing poems, short stories, screenplays, and recently has written the first novel.
Making poetry videos and films, both in collaborations and on her own.
Since 2016 has been performing at many poetry events in Belgrade including slam poetry and spoken word events. Her poems were published in the first Serbian Collection of Slam Poetry “Tebi u lice”.
Interested in researching versatile modes of expressing poetry, and believes that a poetry video is a challenging form which intertwines literary and visual arts. Also is of the opinion that poetry video could provide poetry much more visible place in public, especially in Serbia, where it is almost unknown.
After leaving an established Belgrade acting studio, she was performing in many theatrical shows all around Serbia as a member of an independent theatre group for about ten years.
Paints and draws when lacks words.

Director Statement
I believe that poetry is the most essential mode of literary expression and that the video as a powerful means of visual arts with a wide range of experimenting opportunities is its natural companion. Joined, they bring together a unique form empowered by elements from the different art fields.
Also, I am positive that poetry film or video is one of the most appropriate art forms of contemporary times.

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