Glitchfield: Infinity Box Compilation – Allison Tanenhaus and Ben K. Foley – USA

Glitchfield” is a handmade infinity box that brings to life an immersive, endless, kaleidoscopic, optical illusory environment.

The bold op-art forms, vibrant colors, and pulsating patterns interplay with the mirrored sides, both accentuating and expanding the geometric angles of the art, as well as virtually erasing the physical box’s corners. Viewed from the right angle, “Glitchfield” occupies your full field of vision, without an endpoint in sight.

By looking from above into—rather than straight forward at—the projection and the mirrored sides, you are not visible in the installation. (In other words, your appearance does not make an appearance!) The result is an exhilarating rush that simultaneously prompts losing yourself in—while simultaneously becoming hyper-present of—the immediate dimensional moment.

Multiple people can gaze into “Glitchfield” at the same time, so it can be experienced by a crowd as a social event or taken in as a solitary meditation. For those not tall enough to peer over, unobtrusive holes have been drilled into the glass, enabling an accessible vista for all. With the built-in glass barriers, it is a fitting installation for our socially distanced COVID-19 era.

“Glitchfield” celebrates the universal, timeless accessibility of abstract art, the spirit of innovation in the merging of art and technology, and the collaborative power of conceptual thinking and physical creations. The viewing sensation of “Glitchfield” aims to unite all—regardless of language, background, or identity—with an elevated extra-dimensional experience that erases boundaries via equal parts enchantment and enlightenment.

BEN K. FOLEY (@kid.crystals) uses light to make immersive visual experiences that invite viewers to challenge their curiosity and perception of our inner and outer spaces.

Foley’s work highlights the intricate macro and microcosms of our universe, and brings viewers to question their own experiences and processes often taken for granted, but essential in our lives every day. He uses simple yet cleverly recycled materials plus rudimentary tricks of physics to create complex 3D illusions that reference everything from aspects of Zen, numerology, and mythology, to universal patterns found in math and nature, as well as the science behind optics, illusion, and human vision.

ALLISON TANENHAUS (@atanenhaus) is a digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities.

Her source material consists of daily photographs, previous glitch works, and vintage artifacts that she digitally alters via smartphone, with equal parts deliberation and experimentation.

In an age of hyper cyber anxiety, when personal data is being culled and exploited on every platform, reclaiming files and devices for purely artistic purposes functions as a radical act of creative autonomy and expression—and, through her colorful presentations, promotes joy and unity.

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